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NEW CBD Tincture Range Launched!

Brand new Wild Hemp CBD Tinctures have landed! We have released a brand new, full range of flavored CBD tinctures that come in two different dosages: 500mg and 1000mg.

As with all of the Wild Hemp product range, these tinctures are created using broad spectrum hemp extract that is naturally and responsibly sourced in the US.

These tinctures are specially formulated to give you a refreshing boost when you need it most. Our CBD Tinctures are tailored to give you exactly what you need and require. There really is one for everybody.

We have also introduced our ‘Find Your Wild’ personality quiz where you can answer a few simple questions regarding your personality and find out which CBD Tincture fits you best.


CBD Tinctures - Find Your Wild

Calm - CBD Tincture


New bottle of Calm CBD Tincture


Life can be hectic out there and you need a way to slow down. Try Calm and breathe a little easier. Our Calm CBD Tincture will help you unwind with an aromatic profile of strawberry and native cannabis terpenes.

Choose Wild. Find Calm in the Chaos.

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Sleep - CBD Tincture

Sleep CBD Tincture

You work hard and you want to be rewarded with sweet, sweet sleep. Try Sleep for a relaxing night’s rest every time. Hit the snooze button with this delicious night cap tincture that has an aromatic profile of blackberry, blueberry and native cannabis terpenes.

Choose Wild. Escape into sleep.

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Revive - CBD TinctureRevive CBD Tincture

These days it can be tough to find the energy for most activities. Use Revive to stay on top of the action. The Revive CBD Tincture is perfect for those of us who need to re-energise every so often. A classic combination of lime, vanilla and native cannabis terpenes makes this one of our most enjoyable Tinctures yet.

Choose Wild. Revive your senses.

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Recover - CBD Tincture

recover CBD Tincture

Whether you’re stressed from work or tired after a long workout use Wild Hemp Recover to come back tomorrow stronger than ever. Our Recover CBD Tincture is perfect for those of us who are always out and about and spend a lot of time on our feet. Help your body recover to 100% with the help of our Pineapple, Coconut and native cannabis terpenes flavored CBD Tincture.

Choose Wild. Train hard, Recover fast.

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Inspire - CBD TinctureInspire CBD Tincture

2020 has been a helluva year and we could all use an extra pep in our step. Wild Hemp Inspire will give you the kick you need to restart your creativity. The Inspire CBD Tincture will help you untangle and clear your thoughts with the help of an aromatic profile of citrus, banana and native cannabis terpenes.

Choose Wild. Inspire your mind.

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