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Will CBD Cigarettes Cause You to Fail a Drug Test? What You Need to Know

10-panel drug test: Which drugs, timeframes, and results

So you just landed your dream job. 

During the hiring process, they surprise you with having to take a drug test. 

No big deal, you think - except maybe for those CBD cigarettes you've been using to mellow out. 

Uh oh... 

Now you're wondering - will puffing on some cannabidiol show up in your pee test?

I feel you. 

Drug screens are a pain, but companies rely on them to make sure employees aren't coming to work all loopy and distracted. 

What exactly are they looking for in all that steaming urine? Mainly illicit substances like cocaine, opioids, marijuana, etc. - not necessarily harmless helpers like CBD itself.

I'll explain whether CBD Cigs can cause you to fail drug tests in a minute...

But here's the catch - CBD hanging out with the wrong crowd can get you tagged with a failed test. 

Full spectrum CBD oils and such still contain traces of THC, the part of cannabis that gets you buzzed. 

And THC is definitely on the no-no list. 

So vaping that fancy full spectrum e-liquid could raise some eyebrows when the results come back.

I'll spare you the boring sciencey details. 

Let's just say drug tests use antibodies, pee turns colors, and hopefully you get a smiley face instead of a red frowny one. 

If CBD itself showed up as a positive, half of all HR departments would be very unhappy! 

But in its isolated form, CBD won't make tests go haywire.

So by now, hopefully you've got the picture - isolated CBD won't show up on standard drug tests. 

But you still don't want to risk stumbling into work all red-eyed from full spectrum gummies you grabbed at the gas station. 

I get it...sometimes you just need to kick back without stressing.

That's why I recommend these 2 CBD options that'll let you chill without failing your upcoming pee quiz:

Luna Disposable CBD Vape Pens

  • Full spectrum BUT with the THC removed
  • 500mg CBD per single-use pen
  • Portable and delicious flavors


300mg Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture

  • These are full spectrum oil with the THC taken out
  • Add some zen by dropping 300 mg under tongue
  • Won't show up on tests



When it comes to our Hempettes, I'd actually avoid those given drug testing concerns. Since they contain whole hemp flowers, trace THC can still be present even in tiny amounts.

So if you need to decompress without causing a drug test fiasco, give those a shot. 

And make sure to let your body process everything before that screening. You'll breeze through with a nice clean pass.

Just remember - always check for third party lab tests and read the fine print… 

Not all CBD is created equal! But with the right product, you can certainly reap the perks without any flagged results.



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