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Strawberry Cough Strain: Everything You Need to Know

If you’re looking for a potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain with a terpene-packed flavor profile and an unimpeachable pedigree, Strawberry Cough may be the answer. 

This popular cross between Strawberry Fields and Haze may have the kind of kick that’ll make you cough, but the amazing effects you’ll enjoy afterward make it all worth your while. 

But how does Strawberry Cough make you feel, and what are the therapeutic uses it's best known for? We have the answers to these questions and much more right here in this comprehensive guide to this popular strain.

Overview of the Strawberry Cough Strain

The actual origins of the Strawberry Cough strain are fairly mysterious, but what we do know is that former High Times columnist Kyle Kushman popularized it after receiving a clone of the aromatic and fruity strain from an unnamed Connecticut-based grower. We also know that the parent strains are the legendary Haze and Strawberry Fields, which lend the strain its namesake flavor. 

Haze and some of its countless offshoots are among the most iconic of all cannabis strains. It’s a strong sativa from southern California that offers an uplifting, energetic high with a boost in creative thinking. The well-known strains that descended from the Haze strain are too numerous to count. 

Strawberry Fields is an Indica-forward hybrid that gets its name from the fruity strawberry aroma and flavor profile it offers. The most notable effects of this potent strain are an immense sense of relaxation and feelings of euphoria. 

Legend has it that Strawberry Cough was grown next to a field of strawberry plants to hide the potent scent of the flower beneath the scent of the fresh growing fruit, and over time, the strawberry essence somehow found its way into the flavor of the flower. 

This legend isn’t exactly something that can be proved, of course, but it’s a fun little anecdote about the strain’s origins.

Is Strawberry Cough Strong?

The Strawberry Cough strain is estimated to be about 80% sativa to 20% indica. It’s a high THC/low CBD strain that typically carries a THC content of somewhere between 20% and 26%. While there are more potent strains out there, the higher-end THC content for Strawberry Cough is most definitely a strong one.

Does Strawberry Cough Actually Make You Cough?

The name “Strawberry Cough” is not necessarily false advertising. The denseness of the buds can make for a thick and potent hit that can lead to some coughing once it has a chance to expand in your lungs.

Strain Profile: Characteristics and Appearance

Every hemp and cannabis strain has its own set of unique traits that separate it from the rest. Strawberry Cough is no exception, with its distinctive appearance, unmistakable aroma, and amazing set of effects.

Strawberry Cough Appearance

The Strawberry Cough flower features bright green buds that are shapely and dense, with auburn pistils peeking through and a healthy coating of sugary crystal trichomes all around — which lets you know these buds mean business. 

Strawberry Cough Aroma and Flavor Profile

This strain offers quite a bit about itself right in its name. Open a bag of Strawberry Cough buds, and you’ll be immediately overtaken by the unmistakable scent of sweet strawberries. Light up some of those flowers and take a deep hit for a similarly sweet and fruity taste that has a pleasant skunkiness and hints of berry to go with it.

Understanding the Effects of the Strawberry Cough Strain

One of the more amazing things about cannabis strains is the way that each of them offers its own array of effects and therapeutic benefits, some of which are the exact opposite of those offered by others. Let’s take a look at the sort of effects and benefits you can enjoy when you try out Strawberry Cough.

The dominant terpene in Strawberry Cough is myrcene, which can be found in mango, basil, lemongrass, hops, bay leaves, and more. The strain also contains pinene and caryophyllene.

Strawberry Cough Effects

This strain is sativa-dominant, which means its effects are more of the energetic type rather than sedative. These effects make the strain perfect to use during the day when you need some extra energy or a mood boost.


Strawberry Cough often makes the user feel uplifted and euphoric, lightening their mood and inspiring them to feel more active, social, and comfortable.

Burst of Energy

Like other sativa-forward strains, Strawberry Cough can help you feel energized and alert. This makes the strain an excellent option for a daytime hike or an early evening social gathering.

Cerebral High

Many users describe the high of a sativa strain to be more present in the mind than the body. These strains can influence your thinking, alter your perspective, and enhance your creativity.

Strawberry Cough Potential Therapeutic Benefits

You don’t necessarily need to use Strawberry Cough only for recreational purposes. You can also enjoy some therapeutic benefits when you use this popular strain.


Many users report that this strain’s euphoric, uplifting effects can help them feel more at ease and less stressed. This relaxed state can help them feel more social and talkative.

Mood Boost

If you are suffering from regular mental discomfort, Strawberry Cough may be a way to find some relief. The uplifted mood it provides can shake you out of that funk and help you start feeling a little more comfortable.

More Energy

For those who feel constantly sluggish and fatigued, Strawberry Cough’s burst of euphoric energy can be a fantastic remedy.

Popular Uses and Methods of Consumption

There are many ways you can enjoy the Strawberry Cough strain. Each one brings something to the table the others do not. We have listed several of the most popular for you to consider.


The old-fashioned way of enjoying cannabinoids has stuck around this long for a good reason. Smoking flower is effective, flavorful, and downright enjoyable — particularly if you’re a fan of the look, smell, and taste of fresh buds.


Vaping is highly convenient and extra simple, and it also offers the purest hit of the amazing terpenes this strain is loaded with.


Another way to get that pure terpene-loaded flavor is with Strawberry Cough concentrates. You’ll also get the most potent possible experience with this strain through concentrates, as they are highly concentrated.

Strawberry Cough Strain: Where to Buy?

You’re almost an expert on the Strawberry Cough strain now. There’s just one more thing you’ve got to do — try it out for yourself. 

If you would like to enjoy a superior quality Strawberry Cough experience, check out the Strawberry Cough Delta-8 HHC + vapes from Wild Hemp. These super potent and flavorful disposable vapes come in six different strains, so make sure to check them all out before you place your order.

All of our products are third party lab tested to ensure safety, compliance, and quality.

Try Strawberry Cough Today

We hope this guide has helped you better understand not only the Strawberry Cough strain but hemp and cannabis strains in general. It’s always wise to learn all you can about the things you ingest, whether for recreational purposes or as an alternative form of medicine. 

If you would like to know more, you can reach out to us, and we will be happy to answer all your questions.



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