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About Us

Who Is Wild Hemp?

Wild Hemp is a brand rooted in CBD and smokable offerings – seeking to inspire wild adventure, spark wild imagination, and ultimately help you discover your wild side!


Wild Hemp’s Origin Story?

Wild Hemp was started in 2018 by Global Tobacco, the largest manufacturers of tobacco in Texas. Because of their decades of experience in manufacturing smokable products, they were able to create the first CBD cigarette in the world - the Hempette®! This success led to Wild Hemp's international recognition and dominant market share position in smokable hemp.

Every Wild Hemp CBD product is made with a broad spectrum blend, creating an entourage effect - a phenomena of heightening potency caused by combining different cannabinoids. This quality is ensured in everything from our tinctures, to our smokables, and topicals.

However, many CBD consumers wanted a more economical option focused on fun and flavor - so we developed our sub brand Green Haze! Under this sub brand, we offer CBD gummies, CBD vape juice, and CBD tinctures using isolate, which is tasteless compared to broad spectrum CBD. This allows our Green Haze brand to focus on flavor, while our Wild Hemp brand can focus on effect and functionality. 

What Wild Hemp offers?

1. Tobacco-Free Smokable Solutions
2. CBD options for every consumer need
3. Lifestyle centered around imagination, individuality, wellness, and adventure
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