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WHO is Wild Hemp?

Do you want an exhilarating smoking experience without the addictive and harmful properties of tobacco and nicotine?

If so, Wild Hemp® offers you an exciting, appealing, and natural way to enjoy yourself without jeopardizing your wellbeing. You can finally have a thrilling alternative that’s just as fun to use, without feeling absolutely horrible from addictive chemicals and toxic substances!

Welcome to the Wild Hemp family! We created the first CBD cigarette in the world, the first waved-edge hemp wrap, and offer the widest selection of CBD
offerings. Enjoy a smooth, rich experience that’s unsurpassed by any other option on the market. Discover a smoking experience that’s everything it should be:

Discover The Official Store For Hemp Wraps, CBD Cigarettes, & More!

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Say goodbye to the days of toxic tobacco cigarettes. Order your pack of top-rated CBD cigarettes today from your #1 source of all things smokeable hemp. These CBD cigarettes are 100% nicotine and THC FREE.

Why You’ll Love Wild Hemp Products?

Say goodbye to the days of toxic tobacco cigarettes. Wild Hemp burns just as smoothly and allows you to enjoy a thrilling smoking experience without any of that nasty stuff, so you can enjoy yourself and breathe easy. No matter what type of person you are - new smoker, seasoned veteran, avid bar fly, or just an all-around party animal who cares about their lungs - be aware that Wild Hemp has whatever it is you're looking for.We offer high-quality CBD products made from organically sourced USA-grown hemp.

  • Look just like traditional cigarettes
  • All Natural Organically Sourced USA-grown hemp
  • 100% tobacco-free/non-tobacco
  • NO nicotine. NO additives. NO junk
  • Relaxing without being intoxicating
  • Lab Tested Quality You Can Trust
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Best Reviewed CBD - Wild Hemp Testimonials

Just moved to a different state where it has become a bit difficult to settle and finding such a fine product has really really helped me out with anxiety and the change of pace. LOVE THIS. Looking forward to trying other ones by Wild Hemp!

Mari Vane Rusin

Got this Monday and been using it all week on my leg, strained it running and needs all the help it can get.

I'm feeling better, swelling seems to have gone down and stayed down and going keep using and see can I stay healthy longer this time. Friends have been swearing by CBD so my turn to find out!

James H

So glad Menthols are finally available on site! I've seen them on peoples social in stores for a few weeks and couldn't wait to get my hands on them - they did not disappoint!! Dare I say, best flavor yet guys!

Sarah Kelan

I love these vape pens, i ordered 3 they're perfect and taste great. Relaxing and fun to use.
I want more as soon as you all restock.


Get Started With Wild Hemp Today And Discover A Life-Changing Smoking Experience

Besides smokable and vape products, the Wild Hemp product line is vast, including CBD gummies, CBD hemp lotion, and CBD oil tinctures. We have everything you could possibly want, nothing you don’t.

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