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What is the Best CBD Gummy Dosage for Beginners?

CBD gummies are very popular. But what dose should you take if you've never had CBD before? Here are tips for new CBD users to find the right dose.

Why should beginners start low and slow with CBD dose?

Every body handles CBD differently. Starting with small doses lets new users find what works best for them without side effects. It takes time to get used to CBD.

How many CBD gummies should a first timer take?

New users should start with just one 10mg to 20mg CBD gummy. Take it in the morning or afternoon. Give it 6 to 8 hours to fully work before deciding if the dose is right.

Is it ever ok to take more gummies?

If one gummy works well but you want added benefits, slowly up your dose every couple days. Add half or one more gummy and stick to that dose for a few days before changing again. Many people feel good around 50mg CBD total split between morning and night doses.

Should I eat before I dose CBD gummies? Yes, eat a small snack first so CBD absorbs best. Stay hydrated too when starting CBD gummies.

Go slow with new CBD gummies, be patient, and adjust dose gradually to find your sweet spot!



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