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What to Know Before Flying With a Vape Pen

Traveling by air can be a stressful experience, but traveling with CBD products can make things even more stressful. With laws varying from state to state and airlines carrying their own sets of rules, it can be difficult to know what you can and cannot do when it comes to transporting your CBD.

Hypothetically speaking, one of the easier items to bring along with you on your travels is a vape pen, as CBD cigarettes have the potential to get crushed, and CBD flower carries a potent aroma and can even expire

However, there’s much to consider before you hop on that flight with your pen in tow. For example, vapes come with a lithium-ion battery, which can cause fires if left in a checked bag, and no airline is going to take kindly to you using your vape mid-flight.  

If you plan on flying with a vape pen sometime soon, you’ll want to know all you can before you head to the airport. To help you, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to traveling with your CBD vape.

Research Airline Policies

Every airline has a unique set of policies laid out for passengers. If you plan on flying with a vape pen, it’s your responsibility to know exactly what the airline you’re flying with has to say about them. 

The biggest reason airlines have clear policies about vape pens is that the lithium metal battery that powers its heating element has the potential to cause a fire if kept beneath the plane. For this reason, you’ll want to securely store your vape pen and all of its accessories with you in a carry-on during your flight. 

Other airline policies regarding vape pens center around their use. You are not allowed to vape in any aircraft on any airline, and you’re likely to face harsh consequences if you do. 

In the airport itself, however, there may be designated vaping areas, which is something you should research before the day of your flight. 

Store Vape Pen and Accessories Appropriately

There are not necessarily strict rules about exactly how you should store your vape pen and its accessories during your flight, other than they must be stowed in a carry-on bag and not checked beneath the plane. 

However, to make your life easier, it’s a good idea to store your vape pen in a clear bag for quick and easy inspection as you go through security. And for vape pens with a removable cartridge, it’s a good idea to separate them from the batteries so that you can avoid the risk of accidentally pressing the button and causing yourself a headache. 

Prepare for Security Measures

As mentioned, getting through security will be a quicker and easier process if you keep your vape pen in a separate clear bag, much like you’re instructed to do with aerosols, gels, and other liquids when traveling by plane. 

Knowing the TSA guidelines on traveling with vaping devices can also come in handy should you be stopped and questioned about your vape pen. While you may be momentarily hassled by security, that hassle may be considerably worse if they happen to find a pack of CBD cigarettes and fail to recognize that they are not cannabis and that hemp does not get you high.

Other CBD Options to Consider

You shouldn’t experience any issues when flying with a vape pen provided you follow the information provided by this guide, but if you’re still feeling tentative, there are some other options you may want to consider. 


CBD gummies and other edibles remove both the trouble of lithium-ion batteries and the temptation to use your vape mid-flight, which can make them a useful alternative if you’re worried about either situation. Having a relaxing CBD treat while you’re traveling can also make for a highly enjoyable experience.

CBD Cigarettes

While they do come with a fair number of drawbacks when compared to vape pens, there are also some advantages to opting for a pack of hempettes for your travels. For one, they don’t have a battery to worry about and can easily travel in your checked baggage, provided you store them in a way that protects them from being crushed.

CBD cigarettes are also a great option if you’re trying to avoid smoking tobacco cigarettes during your trip. These all-natural hemp cigarettes emulate much of what tobacco provides, but they’re a far safer alternative that can potentially help you quit

CBD Flower

Depending on where you’re flying out of and where your destination is, CBD flower can potentially cause you some trouble with the TSA when you’re attempting to clear security. However, if it's properly labeled, there should be little room for confusion over whether you’re carrying CBD flower or cannabis.

You can add to the fun by bringing along some hemp wraps to roll your CBD flower in. Vape pens offer their own unique experience, but there’s something about smoking CBD flower that’s hard to beat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hopefully, you now have a better idea of how to properly fly with a vape pen in tow, but if you’re still feeling uncertain, take a look at these frequently asked questions.

Can you fly with a vape pen on American Airlines?

Just about any airline will have almost the same policies regarding flying with vape pens. However, you should still look at the specific policies of the airline you’re flying with well before the day of your trip. 

Can you fly with vapes internationally?

While the airline policies regarding flying with a vape pen are unlikely to change based on the destination, that doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to bring your pen with you to your destination. Make sure to look into the laws regarding CBD products in the country you plan on flying to before packing your vape pen into your carry-on.

Which vape pens can you fly with?

Even though you know the basic guidelines around bringing a vape pen on a plane, it’s always wise to ensure your specific vape pen falls under those guidelines. So which vape pens can you fly with?

Generally, any standard vape pen will be okay to fly with, provided you follow the specific policies surrounding them. The only time you might run into an issue is if you have some form of vape liquid that exceeds the legal limit for liquids allowed on a flight. That limit is 3.4 ounces.

Can airports detect vapes in luggage?

Whether the airport might detect your vape is unimportant, provided you’ve got it stowed safely in your carry-on and not in your checked luggage.

Know Your Rights

With the varying laws regarding CBD in the United States, you may encounter authority figures who are unaware of exactly what your rights are regarding your vape pen. That’s why it’s crucial for you to remain well-informed of your rights, both on your travels and in life. 

Take a look at the regulations and policies at the airport, on your flight, and at your destination to avoid unnecessary issues. 

Flying Safely With a Vape Pen

Now that you know the guidelines about flying with a CBD vape pen, you should have no problem clearing security and avoiding issues during your time in the air.



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