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Does CBD flower expire?

Most products have expiration dates, including cannabis and hemp-based CBD. However, these products don’t expire the way most products do. CBD doesn’t have a specific expiration date because it can be kept for about a year or two depending on the upkeep and packaging of the product.


It is important to keep the proper amount of moisture in a CBD product because too much and too little moisture can make the CBD unfit to use.

When CBD flower is kept in items like plastic bags, the moisture can build up. Once the moisture is built up, the CBD flower becomes too wet to smoke properly and can even grow mold.

If the CBD flower is dry, it is unusable because of the lack of moisture to keep it fresh. This happens when cannabis is left out or in a heated area. The CBD flower loses moisture, which results in the loss of terpenes. With dry CBD flower, you will have a harsher smoke.



The quality of the cannabis is impacted by the temperature it is kept with excessive heat. This can happen in multiple ways such as if you leave your CBD flower outside when the weather is hotter or if you’ve found cannabis after a long period of time.

If cannabis is left in a high heat environment, the cannabinoids can deteriorate. If that happens the CBD may not be as effective as it would be when you first got it. The hemp flower can also grow mold if kept in an overly heated area.


Smokable CBD flower rolled in hemp paper cone 

How to tell your CBD flower is expired

CBD flower itself does not deteriorate quickly, which is why the scent is important. Cannabis is made from terpenes, which is what gives the product the “skunk” like smell. If the smell begins to fade that is an indicator the flower shouldn’t be used. The smell is usually lost when CBD flower isn’t kept properly.

As long as you keep your CBD flower in a room-temperature area that doesn’t provide moisture, your CBD flower will stay smokable. Cannabis doesn’t have a certain shelf life as long as you take proper care of your flower.

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