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Do CBD cigarettes go bad?

Smoking CBD cigarettes have become a popular way for many to satisfy their smoking cravings as well as consuming their CBD. After CBD cigarettes became such a staple of their everyday life, many customers started wondering whether the CBD cigarettes ever went bad? This would help them plan how much they need to buy at a time. Most packs of CBD cigarettes don’t have any information on this, and it becomes difficult to figure out whether you have a fresh pack or not. It can be frustrating, so we broke down the research and got you the answers.

Effects of heat on CBD cigarettes

One major factor that accounts for the freshness of your CBD cigarette is whether it has been stored correctly. If any hemp flower product is exposed to too much heat, it can dry up and even loose potency. It is best to store your CBD cigarettes in a cool, dark, and dry area.

 Do CBD cigarettes go bad?

Effects of time on CBD cigarette potency

Like every cannabinoid, CBD loses potency over time. So, it doesn’t matter if you eat, drink, vape or smoke your CBD – the longer you wait, the less potent the CBD gets. However, the CBD itself does not go bad like milk. You are just losing out on the full use of your CBD if you wait a long time. But how long is too long?

When do CBD cigarettes go bad?

According to Wild Hemp (the largest manufacturers of CBD cigarettes in the world), they do not try to have product in consumers hands past two years since manufacturing. The CBD cigarette would not go bad, but their standard of quality and CBD potency would not be at a sufficient level.

How to check if your CBD cigarette pack is fresh?

To check if your CBD cigarette pack is fresh follow these steps:

  1. Scan the QR code on the CBD cigarette pack.

  2. Find and check the lab report.

  3. Check if batch date is within two years of the current date



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