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Should You Store Your Hemp Wraps in the Fridge or Freezer?

Lots of people are switching from tobacco wraps to hemp wraps. Hemp wraps are made from the hemp plant instead of tobacco. But hemp wraps still need to stay fresh so they smoke right. So should you keep hemp wraps in the fridge or freezer?

Why do wraps go stale?

Like food, wraps can go bad after a while. Exposure to air and moisture makes them dry out, get crisp, or moldy. Heat and light also speeds up staleness. That's why wraps sold in stores are sealed tight. Opening them starts the countdown to stale wraps.

How does cold help?

Putting opened wraps in the fridge or freezer slows down staleness. The cold air can't hold much moisture and slows mold growth. It also puts wraps in the dark. So cold storage helps maintain freshness and flavor once a package is opened.

Is the fridge or freezer better?

The freezer keeps air coldest, so it preserves best. But some say hemp wraps get too brittle or fragile in the icy freezer. They can crumble and crack more when rolled. The fridge offers a gentler cold. Fridge temperatures between 34°F to 40°F delays most staleness without making wraps stiff.

Tips for storing wraps

For maximum hemp wrap freshness after opening, try putting most of the package in freezer zip bags or airtight containers before chilling in fridge. Only keep out what’s needed short term. Let those adjust to room temperature before rolling to avoid cracking. Minimize openings to prevent moisture loss. With some care while handling cold wraps, the fridge offers the best of both worlds!



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