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Exploring the Different High CBD Strains and Their Effects

While many people seek out certain cannabis strains primarily for their THC content, others prefer their flower to be CBD-centric with just a touch of tetrahydrocannabinol. These cannabinoid enthusiasts may enjoy the psychoactive effects of THC, but what they’re really looking for is the various potential therapeutic benefits of CBD. 

If you might be interested in high CBD strains, we’ve created this comprehensive guide to help answer any questions regarding these unique forms of flower and point you in the right direction the next time you stop by a dispensary or online shop.

What Are High CBD Strains?

There are a few different ways of categorizing cannabis in order to better relate to potential users what they can expect from it. One of them is strain type. Distinguishing between indica, sativa, and hybrid can help someone better understand the effects a particular strain has to offer. 

Another form of categorization is cannabinoid content. There are over 100 known cannabinoids present in the hemp and cannabis plants, but the two most prominent are THC and CBD. 

Because they are the most abundant cannabinoids, we categorize strains by their content. Sometimes, that means a measure of THC or CBD content and other times, it means comparing the two with a ratio. 

High CBD strains have a high percentage of CBD and generally a high ratio of CBD to THC. 

These strains are not as potent in terms of their psychoactive properties but offer many potential health benefits. They make a great choice for someone who’s looking to avoid THC intoxication and the potential side effects of anxiety and paranoia while still getting the relief they need. 

For those looking to avoid intoxicating effects altogether, there’s the option of smokable hemp. These products are just like their cannabis strain counterparts, only they have less than 0.3% THC and, therefore, will not get you a high. There are various ways to enjoy smoking hemp, such as CBD cigarettes, hemp flower, and CBD cigarillos.

What Are the Common Effects of Using High CBD Strains?

While high CBD strains may have enough THC to provide some mild psychoactive effects, the primary focus is on their potential medical benefits. We’ve detailed those benefits, along with some potential side effects to be wary of.

Medical Benefits of High CBD Strains

With high CBD strains, you may enjoy several medical benefits, including:

Discomfort Relief

If you suffer from daily aches, stiffness, or soreness, high CBD strains may be able to provide some relief. CBD may help you relax your muscles and your mind so that you can feel more comfortable.

Stress Relief

Chronic stress can be brutal on the mind and body, and it’s not something you should take lightly. When you’re unable to remove the stressors from your life, you can potentially turn to some high CBD strains to help you cope a little easier. 

The relaxing effects of these strains can help you to decompress and ease your mind after a long, hard day.

Help with Sleep Issues

Lack of sleep is a tremendously common issue in America, and it has been connected to all kinds of mental and physical conditions. If you want to get the rest you need, you must be in a calm and relaxed state when it’s time to turn in. 

High CBD strains can potentially calm you so you can get to sleep and stay asleep through the night.

Treatment for Seizures

The first ever FDA-approved cannabinoid medicine is a CBD product designed to treat symptoms of a certain form of epilepsy. While you should always work alongside a trusted physician to treat any issue that causes seizures, high CBD strains can potentially make a great addition to your treatment.  

Potential Side Effects

CBD is largely considered safe, but there may be some unpleasant side effects should you overdo it with a high CBD strain. Those side effects include the following: 

  • Dry mouth
  • Fatigue
  • Drowsiness
  • Diarrhea
  • Appetite changes 

CBD may also interact with certain medications, so make sure to speak with your doctor before trying a high CBD strain. 

The best way to avoid these side effects is to simply be careful about how much CBD you take until you know how it will affect you. Start with a small amount and work your way up to larger amounts if you feel it would benefit you.

Popular High CBD Strains in the Market

So what strains of marijuana are high in CBD? 

If you’re looking for high-quality CBD strains, whether in the form of hemp flower, tincture, edible, or disposable vape, check out this list of some of the best.

What’s the Highest CBD Level?

If you want to determine which strains are high CBD on your own, consider that a medium level of CBD is anywhere from 5% to 10%, a high level is up to 15%, and a super high level is anywhere north of that.

Remedy: 13% CBD/1% THC

Remedy is a high CBD, low THC strain that offers little to no high. It has a lemon/pine flavor with a relaxing effect.

Sour Space Candy: 15% CBD/1% THC

Sour Space Candy is a super low THC cross between Resin Berry and Sour Tsunami that has an amazing appearance and a fantastic flavor profile. It’s known for its destressing effects.

Sour Tsunami: 13% CBD/1% THC

One of the earliest strains created with a focus on CBD content, Sour Tsunami is a sativa-dominant hybrid with a sweet and musky scent and flavor profile.

Charlotte’s Web: 12% CBD/1% THC

Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa strain named after a young girl who used a hemp-derived, non-psychoactive version of it to help treat her seizure disorder. It’s known for its mood-lifting and relaxing effects.

Ringo’s Gift: 14% CBD/1% THC

Ringo’s Gift is a hybrid strain created by famed cannabis activist Lawrence Ringo. It offers a mentally and physically relaxing effect that’s great for destressing.

Pennywise: 8% CBD/8% THC

Pennywise has high CBD content but also a 1:1 CBD to THC ratio, which means it does offer some psychoactive effects, although the THC content is still low. It’s commonly used to destress, relax, and get better sleep.

ACDC: 13% CBD/1% THC

ACDC is a popular strain among medical cannabis patients looking for strict relief and no psychoactive effects. It’s commonly used to treat mental and physical discomfort. 

Common Methods of Consuming High CBD Strains

There are many ways to enjoy your high CBD strains, each with unique advantages. Take a look at some of the most popular ones:

Smoking and Vaping

There’s a lot of recreational value in the traditional means of enjoying your cannabinoids. Smoking some nice fresh hemp flowers is a lot of fun and can be done in a variety of ways. If you’re looking for a similar experience with more terpenes and a greater level of convenience, CBD vapes are a great option, too.

The biggest pros of vaping and smoking CBD are that they are fast-acting, flavorful, and enjoyable. Vapes have the added perks of incredible convenience and discretion. 

Measuring out a serving size with these methods of consumption can be a bit tricky. Instead of aiming for a specific number, you’ll want to simply start with a small hit. Allow about 15 minutes for it to take effect, and then up the serving size if necessary. 

Edibles and Tinctures

Eating your CBD is highly convenient, and it can also be incredibly tasty. Check out some CBD gummies or other edibles if you want to combine your CBD relief with a delicious snack. And if you want to turn just about any snack or drink into a CBD-infused treat, consider using a CBD tincture.

With a high-quality water-soluble tincture, you can simply add a few drops to a favorite recipe or directly into your drink of choice and instantly have your own homemade CBD edibles. Tinctures can also be dropped under the tongue or applied topically.

When determining a proper serving size for edibles and tinctures, you should follow the mantra, “Start low and go slow.” That means you should start with a small amount of CBD, allow it time to take effect, and slowly add more if you feel like it might be useful. 

As a rule of thumb, you can multiply 0.25mg with your body weight in pounds to get an average serving size. However, to start, you may simply want to take 10-20mg to get an idea of how it might affect you. 

Topicals and Creams

Topicals and creams can be applied directly to the skin, so you can simply rub some into a problem area and allow it to swiftly soak in and start providing you with the relief you’re looking for.

High CBD Strains Availability: Where to Buy

If you’re sold on the idea of high quality high CBD strains, you’ll be happy to know there are plenty of great places to pick some up, and Wild Hemp is one of them. For one of the most convenient and flavorful ways to enjoy CBD flowers, check out our selection of hempettes. You’ll also find plenty of awesome options in our CBD vape section.

High CBD Strains May Be the Answer You’re Looking For

If you’re in the market for some cannabis-related therapeutic relief without the intoxicating effects of THC, high CBD strains may be your best bet. We hope this guide has helped you better navigate the world of these strains so you can find the best product for yourself. If you ever have questions, just reach out to us.   



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