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Is Hemp Indica or Sativa?

The terms “Sativa” and “Indica” have been around since the 18th century to indicate the different types of cannabis plants. In modern terms, we know Sativa strains to provide feelings of energy and alertness while Indica strains act more like a sedative, perfect for relaxing in the evening.

But CBD lovers might be wondering… where does hemp fall under these distinctions?

Indica and Sativa - What do people think these mean?

Indica and Sativa are terms used today to code the different psychological and/or physical effects despite being subject to a lot of concentrated breeding since its origin, resulting in lots of variation.


Sativa strains commonly have more psychological than physical. These effects enhance focus, euphoria, and creativity which are all of the effects Sativa strains are known for.


Very much unlike its Sativa counterpart because more of a “body” high—physical rather than psychological. Strains coined as Indica are known to have a strong sedative effect rather than an energizing effect.

What does Indica and Sativa actually...mean?

The terms Indica and Sativa are actually names for the two different plant types under the Cannabis plant species. These two plant types are very distinct in their physical appearance.


These plants grow up to 20ft tall and feature long, slender leaves. They have lighter color than their Indica counterparts, and they take up to 16 weeks to flower.


Indica plants only grow up to 6ft tall and have wider, thicker leaves. This makes the plant look more like a bush with a darker shade of green.

“Indica” and “Sativa” were used as shortcuts for cultivators to describe the general effects of these two plants before genetics came in to play. These days, by playing around with the cannabinoid profile of the plant, cultivators can create sativa plants that provide the stereotypically “Indica” feelings and create indica plants that provide the stereotypical “Sativa” feelings. Hence, these labels are outdated now.

So how do we know if hemp acts like an Indica or Sativa?

Is Hemp a Sativa or an Indica?

All hemp is actually derived from Sativa plants—cultivated specifically to control the THC content and keep it under 0.03%. But that’s just talking about the physical look of the plant. What about its effects?

So what make’s hemp so special?

Hemp’s effects can’t be discussed in terms of Indica and Sativa. But what we can understand how hemp affects us by examining its terpenes, an organic component of hemp instrumental in providing both the cannabis and hemp flower experience. The combination of these terpenes and cannabinoids such as CBD, which is called the entourage effect, creates the hemp experience.

It’s the Terpenes That Count!

For hemp, it’s much more efficient to look at terpenes as classification instead of the terms Indica and Sativa.

What are terpenes?

Terpenes are organic, aromatic compounds naturally present in cannabis plants. Counterparts to cannabinoids, terpenes are behind the characteristic tastes, colors, and scents of cannabis strains, including hemp. Terpenes are important in the entourage effect when they are combined with CBD rather than used in isolation—in other words, utilizing the whole hemp plant to achieve a broad-spectrum effect.

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