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Can You Smoke CBD Flower?

Can You Smoke CBD Flower?

There are many ways to consume CBD. It’s not unusual to start with edibles, like gummies, that offer discretion and the ease of pre-set serving sizes. From there, you might move on to tinctures that allow more latitude to control consumption and effects.

However, you may be naturally curious about smoking CBD flower. There is a lot of confusion surrounding this topic because people often associate smoking flower with marijuana rather than hemp cannabis, and they wonder, “Can you smoke CBD?”

The short answer is “Yes!” Smokable products from Wild Hemp are a great alternative to tobacco or other smokable products, especially if you’re looking to relax and avoid a lot of chemical additives. Here are a few things you should know before entering the exciting world of smokable CBD.

How to Smoke CBD?

First, you must ensure you’re legally allowed to purchase and consume CBD. Thanks to the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp cannabis (containing 0.3% or less THC) is now legal throughout the U.S. However, you need to ensure you’re old enough to purchase it, and the age limit may vary from state to state.

Smoking CBD flower is much like smoking any dried plant, like tobacco or other cannabis products. You can smoke it rolled into a cigarette or use a device like a pipe. You can also opt for vaping products that rely on oil extraction rather than whole plant material.

Inhaled products are ideal for anyone seeking a speedy onset of effects. While ingesting While ingesting CBD products could mean waiting up to two hours to start feeling the effects inhalation could yield results in as little as a few minutes. That said, the effects of tinctures or edibles typically last longer.

Smoking also tends to increase bioavailability, or the amount of active ingredients (like cannabinoids) that make it into your bloodstream. In other words, you may enjoy greater efficacy from smoking than ingesting. With options for hempettes, cigarillos, and vapes, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect Wild Hemp products for your needs.

Are There Different Types of CBD Flowers?

Just as there are different categories and strains of marijuana, you’ll find different types of hemp cannabis to explore. There are three main types of CBD flower products — indica, sativa, and hybrid strains.

Indica is a great option for anyone seeking relaxation and cozy, sleepy vibes, while sativa is typically associated with uplifting and energizing outcomes. Hybrid strains are blends of indica and sativa that could inspire creativity while still delivering a feeling of calm. The balance will depend on the particular blend.

Can You Smoke CBD?

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is one of dozens of cannabinoids that naturally occur in the cannabis sativa plant. You may already be familiar with other well-known cannabinoids like tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the compound responsible for psychoactive effects. 

What if you’re interested in a smokable product with low or no THC content? You’ll be happy to hear that you can, in fact, smoke CBD, or more accurately, you can smoke hemp cannabis. 

Whereas marijuana is high in THC, hemp cannabis plants, which were federally legalized by the 2018 Farm Bill, contain 0.3% or less THC and feature a much higher CBD content.

Because they still contain the full spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes but with a lot less THC, you’ll still enjoy the same unique aromas and flavors when you smoke CBD flower. You’ll also get the benefits of the entourage effect but without the intoxicating effects you prefer to avoid. 

While CBD flower will remain fresh and effective for months when you store it properly, it will expire eventually, losing flavor and potency.

How to Smoke CBD Flower?

There are a couple of different options when it comes to smokable CBD. You could opt for loose flower to roll your own joints or pack a pipe, and many people who have smoked before find this process familiar and nostalgic.

If you’re looking for convenience, CBD cigarettes are a great choice. They come pre-rolled and feature popular flower strains, so you can enjoy your favorites in a reliable and consistent serving size with all the aromas and flavors you love.

Disposable vape pens also offer the portable convenience many consumers crave, along with a level of discretion. For one thing, the appearance of these products is designed to pass for a pen or small cartridge at a glance.

In addition, they offer delightful flavors without the recognizable odor of cannabis, allowing for discreet consumption. Finally, there’s no upkeep. When you finish the pre-filled pen, you can simply dispose of it.

How Does Smoking CBD Flower Make You Feel?

Whether you’re interested in the potential health benefits of CBD or you’re looking to relax during leisure time, it’s important to understand how smoking CBD flower will make you feel. What most people want to know first and foremost is will it get you high?

The answer is a definitive no. With 0.3% THC or less, hemp cannabis will not get you high, whether you smoke flower or vape CBD oil. 

How you feel will depend somewhat on the strain you choose and how much you consume, but it’s natural to feel a sense of calm. You may feel more relaxed or energized with different strains, so you’ll want to explore a range of products to achieve the outcome you prefer.

Can You Pass a Drug Test after Smoking CBD Weed?

Drug tests that screen for cannabis are looking for signs of THC, so you can rest assured that CBD alone won’t cause a positive result. That said, hemp cannabis does contain trace amounts of THC, which could cause you to fail a drug test.

It’s unlikely that small servings of CBD products would cause you to fail a drug screening, but there are no guarantees. It could depend on the products you choose, how much or how recently you consumed them, and how your body processes cannabinoids. 

If you are worried about passing a drug test, it’s always best to err on the side of caution.

Does CBD Have Any Added Chemicals?

Cannabis plants are chock-full of natural chemical compounds like cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids responsible for the effects, aromas, and flavors you experience when you consume them. When smoking CBD flower, however, you might wonder if it features any added chemicals and whether CBD cigarettes are safe.

Typically, these products are considered safer than, say, tobacco. Unlike tobacco products, hemp CBD cigarettes won’t include tar, nicotine, or other harmful chemical additives. While some brands may add chemicals like preservatives to extend the shelf-life, Wild Hemp proudly offers the all-natural products many consumers prefer.

It’s always best to buy CBD products from a reliable brand you trust. Wild Hemp offers only high-quality, natural hemp products with a range of options and features to suit every consumer. If you’re looking for convenience, you may want to try hempettes, featuring approximately 75mg of hemp flower per cigarette.

More experienced consumers might prefer cigarillos, with 250mg (or about 1.5g) of flower. Either way, you’ll enjoy pre-rolled products that offer easy, portable consumption. If you like to roll your own, flavored hemp wraps are the way to go.

Smoking CBD Is a Great Option to Explore

Whether you’re new to the world of hemp cannabis or have already dipped your toes in the water with gummies or tinctures, you may be looking for ways to enjoy needed relief and relaxation in a fast, convenient, and discreet format. 

As long as you meet age requirements in your state, you can legally purchase and smoke hemp CBD and experience the many benefits of these products. 

Simply choose the flower strains, products, and features that best meet your needs and preferences, then start with small servings and safely and responsibly work your way up to your desired results.



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