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What do CBD cigarettes smell like? Hemp cigarette scent analysis

Like everything you can smoke, CBD cigarettes do have a smell. The scent gets even stronger after you burn the hemp. Many who haven’t tried CBD cigarettes wonder what it smells like and if the smell from smoking hemp stays. Generally, hemp flower from the CBD cigarettes smells like fresh cut cannabis, which has an earthy and natural scent. The CBD cigarettes smoke smells like burning cannabis and cigarette paper. That being said, the smell of the hemp smoke and hemp flower can change drastically based on a few factors.


Factors that affect CBD smell

1. Flavor

Flavor is the most influential factor affecting CBD cigarette smells. These flavors not only alter the taste of the CBD cigarette, but it also changes its smell. Unflavored CBD cigarettes have that natural cannabis scent, but flavors can enhance and alter that. For example, a menthol CBD cigarette would smell more minty, and a pineapple flavor CBD cigarette would smell sweet and tropical like a pineapple. There are a wide variety of CBD cigarette flavors, so make sure you choose one that has a taste and scent that you enjoy.

2. Freshness

The next most important factor affecting CBD cigarette smell is freshness. The smell is stronger when the hemp flower that the CBD cigarette is made out of is as fresh as possible. But how do you know if those CBD cigarettes are fresh? You can check the lab reports that should have the date of manufacturing. The more recent the manufacturing date are, the fresher the CBD cigarettes are. You can find these lab reports on the manufacturer’s website. This should be linked via QR code on the packaging or easily searchable online.


How CBD cigarette smell compare to other cigarettes smells?

1. Do CBD cigarette smell like tobacco cigarette?

Now that we know what CBD cigarettes smell like and what affects their scent, let’s compare them to tobacco cigarettes. The smell of CBD cigarettes and the smell of traditional tobacco cigarettes are very different. CBD cigarette smoke tends to have a more earthy, skunky, cannabis smell. Traditional cigarettes have a stronger smell of burnt tobacco that sticks on your clothes longer too.

2. Do CBD cigarette smell like weed?

Now that we know how CBD cigarettes compare to tobacco cigarettes, let’s see how they differ from marijuana cigarettes. CBD cigarettes and marijuana cigarettes have a similar smell; however, CBD cigarettes smell less potent than marijuana cigarettes. This makes sense because hemp flower and marijuana flower come from the cannabis plant, even though they have a different cannabinoid makeup.

3. Do CBD cigarette smell like clove cigarette?

CBD cigarettes and clove cigarettes do not often get compared, but many alternative smokers are curious about their difference, especially in smell. The smell of clove cigarettes is sweet with a peppery tone like incense, while the smell of CBD cigarettes can be sweet, but it is mostly identifiable by its earthy and natural fragrance. Clove cigarettes smell closer to traditional tobacco cigarettes, while CBD cigarettes smell closer to marijuana cigarettes.


What do CBD cigarettes smell like?

Does the smell stick after you smoke the CBD cigarette?

Just like anything you smoke, you will have the smell of the burnt hemp flower on you after you smoke a CBD cigarette. The good news is that it is not as potent or as sticky as traditional tobacco cigarettes. Though the smell is not as intense, many CBD cigarette smokers are looking for ways to prevent or reduce the smell of burnt hemp flower.


How to prevent smelling like hemp smoke?

Here are a few tips and tricks on how to prevent or reduce smelling like burnt hemp after smoking a CBD cigarette

1. Smoke your CBD cigarette outside

2. Smoke your CBD cigarette with the wind, not against it

3. Use hand sanitizer after you smoke

4. Use mouthwash, gum, or a breath mint after you smoke

5. Use perfume or cologne after you smoke



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