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Are CBD Cigarettes Really Non-Addictive? What Science Says About Quitting Tobacco

Does your cig craving have you feeling chained?

Are CBD Cigarettes Addictive?

You know cigs are controlling your life, but can't make the chains break.

Every burnt inhale taunts your hacking lungs, yet still you reach for the next.

Hey, I feel you buddy. We all get it - you're sick and tired of those nasty cigs holding you hostage every hour of every day.

It's like they've got you wrapped around their little nicotine-stained finger saying "Smoke me! Smoke me now!" anytime you get the slightest craving itch.

And oh how you try to resist sometimes.

You tell yourself "Today's the day I go cold turkey and start breathing free!"

But then what happens?

Within hours you're pacing circles, snapping at your kids, unable to concentrate until - ah sweet relief - you give in with shuddering hands for just one more precious puff.

The cycle's relentless, isn't it?

You're desperate to bust out of prison and taste that sweet freedom air again.

But breaking nicotine's shackles proves harder than getting Houdini's handcuffs off whilst swimming the English Channel.

So CBD cigarettes catch your ear - all the effects without the addiction?

So I get why those rumors circulating down at the local vape shop have caught your ear - CBD smokes, my guy!

All the mellow mood-boosting effects of mother nature's special lettuce without the intense addiction... or so the urban legend goes.

They're touting it hard too - "ditch the ashy cancer sticks that burn through your hard-earned cash and switch to our all-natural, non-habit-forming, chilled out CBD sticks today!"

Well hot dang, sign you up already right?!

It's the best of both worlds - you get to keep enjoying the whole nostalgic puffing routine but without slowly poisoning yourself to death. Hallelujah!

I mean it does sound almost too good to be true, yeah?

Like one of those whispered back-alley deals where the man opens his trench coat to offer you cigarettes re-branded as miracles.

Makes you pause and wonder - is this guy just blowing smoke up my behind to score a quick buck?

But then you think - well, maybe it's worth the gamble if there's even a chance of escape... 

Now hold up just a sec bud, before you race out the door to stock up on these magic CBD sticks, we gotta walk before we run here.

I know, I know, you're champing at the bit to finally kick cigs to the curb and reclaim control.

But remember, if something seems too good to be true...well, you can fill in the cliche yourself.

Aren't those health claims just stoner science?

Now I'm no total party pooper.

Latest research popping up does hint these trendy CBD cigarettes may not sink their claws in with the same intensity or damage.

The compound interacts differently than evil nicotine in the brain, potentially skipping addiction.

But it's still early days, my friend.

Small studies show some promise sure, but scientists haven't confirmed without a doubt these won't simply become the next Marlboro pulling your strings... Feel me?

What's with the hard sell then?

True, we gotta acknowledge up front that definitive long term evidence isn't there yet to give CBD cigarettes the 100% clean bill of health.

And responsible brands making these products admit as much too.

But you are right to side-eye those shady pop-ups making it sound like a miracle cancer cure-all.

I'd avoid those claims like the actual cigarette plague if I were you.

Introducing Hempettes - the CBD cigarette done right

If you still decide to give CBD smoking a go, you gotta try Hempettes.

Crafted from 100% US grown hemp, Hempettes contain pure CBD without any additives or artificial flavors.

Slow-burning and smooth-hitting, they offer the ritual experience without the unknown fillers.

Hempettes just might be the ticket to finally hacking your harmful habit for good!


So whatcha think bud, puff or pass for now?



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