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How to Roll the Perfect Blunt (For Beginners)

Let's talk about blunts. They are cigars that are emptied out and filled with weed instead of tobacco. Rolling a blunt is a skill, but I'll show you how to do it.

Why are people throwing out their Tobacco Wraps?

Thousands of americans have already switched from regular Tobacco Wraps to Hemp Wraps.

Because not only are they smooth on your throat unlike harsh Tobacco, but hemp wraps also give you an even burn... You won't have to cough out your lungs while smoking them.

Hemp wraps have these wavy edges which makes it easy to lick and roll..

Your weed won't fall out as the wrap sticks together.

With a superior burn and zero tobacco, you'll wonder why you ever smoked blunts with tobacco wraps before..

Why do people like blunts? Well, mixing weed with a tobacco wrap gives you an extra buzz that feels amazing. The flavors are delicious too, especially with Wild Hemp's natural wraps. You can also smoke blunts anywhere since they're portable. And they burn slower than joints, so you can enjoy your high for longer...

Here's what you'll need:

- Your favorite weed, ground up into small pieces
- Wild Hemp's wavy hemp wraps for easy rolling, or their pre-rolled cones (Dog Walker or 1 1/4 size)
- A grinder to break up the weed buds
- Maybe a razor blade to get fancy

For a normal blunt, use 1 to 2 grams of weed. If you're sharing or using a bigger wrap, use more.

Now, let's roll:

1. Grind your weed into an even mix.
2. Get your Wild Hemp wrap or cone ready.
3. Lick the wrap a little to help it stick (or use a damp finger if sharing).
4. Pack the ground weed into the wrap or cone.
5. Roll it up tightly, folding the edges in as you go.
6. Use a lighter to "bake" or seal your blunt by heating along the seam.

There you go, you rolled a blunt!

If you want it super easy, get Wild Hemp's pre-rolled cones. The Dog Walker size is perfect for smoking alone or a quick hit. The 1 1/4 holds about a gram, so it's great for sharing or smoking by yourself.

About those cones:

- 50 per jar, classic white or unbleached hemp paper
- Ultra-thin paper that's watermarked for a smooth hit
- 100% plant-based and unbleached to keep it natural
- Each cone has a filter for clean burning
- Made right here in the USA

If you're new to blunts or an expert, Wild Hemp has you covered to take your smoking to new levels. Roll one up and see why they're so awesome!



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