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Can You Smoke CBD Oil From A Bowl? Exploring the Method

Can You Smoke CBD Oil From a Bowl?

CBD oil is easily the most versatile form of CBD available. You can place a few drops under your tongue for fast-acting relief, add some to your favorite food or drink for an instant CBD-infused treat, or apply it topically to problem areas. But what if you wanted to enjoy your cannabinoids the traditional way — can you smoke CBD oil from a bowl

The answer to that question is somewhat complicated. You always want to ensure you know all you can about something like CBD before you consume it, which is why we’ve created this comprehensive guide to smoking CBD oil from a bowl

Make sure to read it thoroughly before seeking the various potential health benefits this amazing cannabinoid has to offer.

The Basics of Smoking CBD Oil

While the more common methods of consuming CBD oil are highly effective, there’s a quality to the traditional method of smoking that none of them can replicate. If you’d like to enjoy your CBD oil this way, there are a few ways you can do it — through a water pipe, a vape, or a dab rig. 

But can you smoke CBD oil from a bowl

While there are multiple ways to inhale CBD, you don’t want to apply direct flame to your CBD oil, and with a traditional bowl, that’s exactly what you’d have to do. 

You don’t want to apply direct flame to CBD oil because it will more than likely taste terrible and can potentially create some toxic chemicals that you will be inhaling. 

The same goes for any cannabinoid oil, such as hash oil. You can inhale it, but you should only do so in the form of vapor, not smoke. 

Now, if the question were “Can you smoke CBD in a bowl?” the answer is an asterisk-free “yes.” 

There are many different CBD hemp flower strains available that look, smell, taste, and smoke just like popular cannabis strains, only they’re legal and they don’t get you high. Pack those right into your bowl and enjoy. Just make sure you don’t let your flower sit around too long.

What Is the Safest Way to Smoke CBD?

You can also opt for some CBD cigarettes if you prefer something quicker and easier. These products are designed to be smoked, and unlike tobacco use, smoking them is both safe and not physically addictive. CBD cigarettes also offer a fair number of unique benefits that tinctures do not.

How to Smoke CBD Oil From a Bowl?

You already know you don’t want to apply direct flame to your CBD oil, which means the standard method of smoking from a bowl is not one you should pursue. However, there are other methods of enjoying your CBD that are similar to smoking directly from a bowl. We’ve detailed each of them below for you.

Water Pipe

This method requires the use of some hemp flower, as you’ll need something to pack some plant material into the bowl. The oil does not come in through the bowl of the water pipe but through the water itself. You can simply grab some CBD tincture, add a few droplets to the water, and enjoy your smoke session with an added CBD kick. 

No, this isn’t quite like smoking CBD oil from a bowl, but in reality, there is no difference in terms of the effects you’ll enjoy, and you’ll also be putting your CBD oil to good use while you do it.


It’s also possible to enjoy CBD oil through a vape, provided you choose a specially designed product that’s intended to be vaped. You don’t want to throw any old CBD oil into your vaporizer since you can incur some unintended health risks much like smoking it. 

If you want to vape and you’ve got the right product, all you need to do is drop some into a cart and have a go at it. Vaping offers a lot of discretion and convenience while also allowing for the maximum level of terpenes to provide every hit with a fantastic flavor profile.

Dab Rig

Just like with a vaporizer, the right CBD oil products can be enjoyed through a dab rig. Dab rigs are typically used for vaporizing concentrates with a specially designed bowl and nail device. You simply heat the nail, apply the product you’re looking to vape to it, inhale, and then cover the bowl. 

If you’re not well-versed with dab rigs, they can be a bit complicated to get the hang of on the first few uses. For this reason, it’s best to use them for the first time with someone who has little experience.

Key Factors to Consider When Smoking CBD Oil From a Bowl

You now know there are specific ways in which you can smoke or vape using CBD oil, but there are a few more things to consider before you test out these methods for yourself.

Get the Right Pipe

There are only two pipes you’ll want to use CBD oil with — a water pipe or a dab rig. There are all kinds of options available, and ultimately, the best one is going to be more a matter of preference and budget than anything else.

Get the Right Serving Size

While CBD use is widely considered safe, there’s still potential for some unpleasant side effects if you overdo it. You’ll want to start with a low amount to get a better idea of how it will affect you before upping your serving size. It’s also important to consider the potency of the particular product you choose when determining that serving size.

Get a High-Quality CBD Oil

It’s an unfortunate fact that not all CBD companies employ the best practices in creating their products, which can result in traces of solvent and dangerous chemicals being left in their CBD oil. Avoid any issues by carefully vetting the company you buy from. Always look to ensure that their products are third-party tested.

Considerations and Recommendations

Here are a few final notes in the form of commonly asked questions regarding CBD oil.

Does CBD oil affect your bowel movements?

CBD is reported by many to ease the stomach, particularly for those suffering from nausea. However, overdoing it can have the opposite effect and result in diarrhea. Always be careful with your serving sizes.

Is smoking CBD oil dangerous?

If you choose the right CBD oil product, it can be safely vaped. However, applying direct flame to your CBD oil can not only cause an unpleasant taste but can be potentially dangerous.

Can you enjoy CBD without smoking or vaping?

There are multiple ways to enjoy your CBD without inhaling anything. You can try a CBD tincture, which can be consumed in multiple ways. You can also try some CBD edibles. These come in the form of popular snacks or gummy candies infused with CBD.

The Many Ways to Enjoy CBD Oil

We hope this guide helped you gain a better understanding of the different ways to take CBD oil. No, you shouldn’t smoke it directly, but if you’ve got the right products, you can safely vape it, and you can always use the traditional methods. 

If you ever have questions regarding your CBD oil, either refer to this guide or reach out to Wild Hemp, and we’ll be happy to help you get some answers.



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