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Can you Smoke Hemp and get high? Everything about Smoking Hemp

Does smoking Hemp get you high?

The short answer is no, you can’t get high from smoking smokable hemp.

If you want to understand why smoking hemp can't get you high, then you're in the right place.

Just like twins, the hemp plant looks identical to marijuana. However, its effects and molecular makeup are completely different.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a type of cannabis plant. On the outside, it looks identical to marijuana from its roots to its flowers. On the inside, however, it couldn't be more different.

Hemp is rich in CBD with only a tiny fraction of that high-inducing compound THC.

In fact, hemp contains less than 0.3% THC. This is a tiny amount. It can't produce that high feeling typically associated with marijuana.

Conversely, marijuana (THC-rich cannabis) can contain anywhere between 5-29% of THC.

can you smoke hemp and get you high?

What are CBD and THC anyway?

The cannabis plant contains compounds known as cannabinoids. In hemp, the main cannabinoid is cannabidiol or CBD. In marijuana, the main cannabinoid is Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC.

People smoke marijuana to get that THC-high whereas smoking hemp is used to get the benefits of CBD. Most people know that they can smoke marijuana flowers.

Can they also smoke hemp flowers? Read on to find out.

Can you Smoke Hemp Flower?

Yes. In fact, hemp flowers are ideal for smoking. This is because burning hemp activates their compounds. For example, hemp flowers contain CBDA. When heated, this compound loses the ‘A’ (or acid molecule) and becomes CBD.

Hempettes or CBD Cigarettes at Wild Hemp have up to 75mg CBD per Hempette. That's 1500mg per pack of CBD or 30,000mg CBD per carton. This would appear to make CBD Hempettes one of the better ways to absorb CBD in a short period of time.

If you are looking for the most efficient way to absorb CBD, then the answer is simple -- smoke some hemp cigarettes. This is due to its high level of bioavailability.


Our Best Hemp Smokable Products

hemp-wraps hempettes

What is bioavailability?

Bioavailability is the amount of any substance that reaches systemic circulation. It is the amount of CBD that works in your body.

Incredibly, when you smoke CBD Cigarettes this can be as high as 70% compared to other methods which can be as low as 5%!

What this means is that by smoking hemp with 100mg of CBD, you can get up to 70mg into your bloodstream. However, if you eat a 100mg gummy bear you might only get 5mg into your bloodstream. Just think about the savings!

Can you Smoke Hemp and get High?

No. Nicht. Nada. You could smoke an ounce of hemp flower in one sitting and all you will ever feel is super relaxed. We don't think you'd complain about that!

The reason is that the amount of THC is tiny - negligible at best. This is because hemp is bred to have less than 0.3%. Therefore, it's practically not possible to ever get high from hemp.

Does Smoking Hemp Oil get you High?

No. Like hemp flowers, smoking hemp oil won't get you high either.

Hemp oil comes from hemp flower and contains the same large amount of CBD and the same tiny, minuscule fraction of THC.

Is Smoking Hemp Safe?

For the most part, smoking hemp is safe. This is because it usually doesn't contain tar, nicotine, or any other detrimental chemical substances found in regular cigarettes.

Combustion does, of course, result in smoke. Consequently, smoke does pose dangers that need to be considered. Therefore, we'd recommend smoking hemp in a well-ventilated area, with plenty of room to safely extinguish your hemp flower.

What Happens if you smoke a lot of hemp flowers?

You go from being relaxed to feeling super relaxed! Some people find that smoking a small amount helps them focus whereas smoking a lot could make you feel sleepy.

Many people smoke a large amount of hemp flowers just before bedtime. This can help them relax and nod off gently. Sounds great but are there any possible side effects from smoking hemp flowers?

It is always good advice that anyone on medication consult with their doctor before smoking hemp flowers. This is because CBD can potentially interact with existing medications.

Benefits of smoking hemp flower

Before CBD enthusiasts can make factual claims regarding the benefits of hemp flower, we need more research. The good news is that with hemp and CBD rapidly gaining popularity, more and more scientists and researchers are looking into its benefits.

However, for the most part, evidence surrounding the benefits of CBD is anecdotal. We do know that CBD contains anti-inflammatory properties, which could potentially interact with our endocannabinoid system (ECS). When this happens, CBD could possibly benefit us in multiple ways.

For example, many people claim that CBD has helped them with a vast number of health conditions -- from chronic pain to anxiety. Due to these anecdotal experiences, CBD seems to have a host of benefits.

More studies are needed to establish this properly. That being said, with the number of ongoing studies, we could potentially have concrete evidence to back this up soon.

Smoking hemp cigarettes

People have been smoking hemp for decades. Whether it's to potentially manage a health condition, or as a pastime to connect with friends, many people indulge in smoking hemp flower.

However, rolling your joints, or packing your pipe can often be a messy process. In addition to this, you usually have to buy other hemp-related apparatus -- grinders, filters, and the like. By switching to hemp cigarettes, you're only making the process easier for yourself.

All you have to do with hemp cigarettes is remove one from the pack, light it up, and inhale. Plus, with CBD's rise in popularity, hemp cigarettes are readily available in various places.

That being said, if you're in the market for good-quality hemp cigarettes, we'd recommend our Hempettes. Each pack contains 20 Hempettes, with each Hempette containing up to 75 mg of CBD. Hempettes are available in four different flavors:

If you want to smoke CBD, but don't want all the hassle that goes into rolling your own joint, try Hempettes!

What are the side effects of smoking hemp?

Thankfully, there aren't any serious side-effects that stem from smoking hemp. In fact, most side effects are quite mild and can be easily managed.

For example, hemp enthusiasts might experience dry eyes, or dry mouth. This can be remedied with some eye-drops. You could also increase your water intake and stay hydrated.

In addition to this, smoking hemp could also increase your appetite. If you get hungry after smoking hemp flower, consider stocking up on healthy snacks. For instance, opt for some fruit, peanut butter, or hummus if you're hungry.

Some people have also experienced sleepiness after smoking hemp flower. While there's no way around this side-effect, you can make it work to your advantage by smoking before bedtime.

Earlier, we mentioned that hemp flower could sometimes interact with prescription medication. Therefore, we'd recommend consulting with a doctor or a medical professional before adding it to your wellness routine.

Is smoking hemp bad for your health?

Earlier, we established that smoking hemp -- in general -- is relatively safe. This is because pure hemp flowers don't contain any harmful additives.

Therefore, smoking pure hemp flower isn't bad for your health. However, if you add tobacco to the mix, that could prove to be an unhealthy combination.

What does smoking hemp do?

Before we can establish what smoking hemp can do, more research is needed. Thankfully, scientists and researchers are looking into the potential benefits of the hemp flower, and CBD.

What we do know is that hemp's anti-inflammatory properties could very well benefit us in multiple ways. However, to properly confirm this, scientists need to properly understand the link between CBD, and human beings.


Hemp flower tastes great because it contains terpenes which give hemp its unique smell. These terpenes are found throughout nature and possess great therapeutic potential. If your not one to smoke why not try some of our CBD Gummies or CBD tinctures.

If you need to break free from the stresses of modern life but still need to get on with life then look no further than hemp flower.



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