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Are there CBD cigarettes with THC inside?

CBD cigarettes are a growing alternative to both tobacco and marijuana smokers. Many enjoy smoking CBD cigarettes because it does not produce a THC high, while giving you the benefits of CBD. Some are cautious about trying CBD cigarettes because they worry if there is any THC in the pre roll. This blog will clarify everything about THC and CBD cigarettes.

CBD cigarettes vs THC cigarettes

CBD cigarettes are hemp pre rolls styled like cigarettes that has CBD as their primary cannabinoid. THC cigarettes are marijuana pre rolls styled like cigarettes that has THC as their primary cannabinoid.

The main difference between CBD cigarettes and THC cigarettes is whether CBD or THC is the primary cannabinoid. They both come from the cannabis plant, so they look, smell, and feel very similar. So, we know CBD is the primary cannabinoid in CBD cigarettes, but does that mean if there is no THC in a CBD cigarette?

Are there CBD cigarettes with THC inside? 

Is there THC in CBD cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes are made from hemp flower, which has less than 0.03% THC. Though there is not enough THC to produce a “high”, there is still some trace amounts of THC in the flower. THC cannot be completely extracted from the hemp flower.

This means every CBD cigarette has THC, but not enough to make you feel intoxicated.


Where to find THC cigarettes?

THC cigarettes in the United States are only located in some states where THC is legalized. They are sold at dispensaries, which are retail locations licensed to sell THC products. There are even delivery services and online sales of THC products allowed in some legal states. This is where you will find THC cigarettes. In other countries, you will also have to go to a licensed retailer if the THC is even legal in your country.


Where to find CBD cigarettes?

Because CBD is legal throughout the United States, you can find CBD cigarettes in convenient stores, gas stations, smoke shops, and online. You can get CBD cigarettes with FREE shipping here.

Where to find CBD cigarettes?



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