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The Ultimate Purple Punch Strain Guide: Effects, Flavors, and More

Born from the crossing of two potent indica classics, the Purple Punch strain offers a deeply relaxing experience and a sweet and fruity flavor profile that makes it perfect for an after-dinner session. It is also known for its desirable set of therapeutic effects that can help make your evening calm and carefree. 

If it sounds enticing to you, this guide can tell you all you need to know about this popular and potent strain.

Purple Punch Strain: Overview and Origins

The Purple Punch strain is an Indica-dominant hybrid that gains its potent effects and fantastic flavor profile from its popular parent strains — Larry OG and Granddaddy Purple

Larry OG is an Indica strain that originated in Orange County. It’s best known for its piney scent and distinctive deep orange pistils. It is a high-THC strain that offers a euphoric high and a clean body buzz. 

Granddaddy Purple or Granddaddy Purp is another California classic known best for its fruity terpene profile that offers hints of berry and grape. Its high is similar to Larry OG, which means it’s euphoric and body-centric, but unlike Larry OG, its appearance is darker, with shades of purple throughout its beautiful buds.

Is Purple Punch an Indica or Sativa?

Purple Punch is primarily indica, but it does carry some sativa genetics. Estimates place it at an 80% indica to 20% sativa ratio. This ratio means you’ll primarily enjoy the soothing sedative effects of indica with a dash of the euphoric and energetic sativa mixed in. It’s an excellent indica/sativa mix.

Where Does Purple Punch Come From?

Purple Punch is believed to have first cropped up at Supernova Gardens in Hawaii. However, the strain has now become popular enough to be found throughout the United States.

Physical Attributes and Characteristics

Every cannabis strain has its striking features that separate it from the rest. The Purple Punch strain is no exception. Take a look at this fantastic Indica-dominant hybrid’s distinguishing characteristics.

Purple Punch Appearance

Purple Punch has big, dense buds that carry a mix of bright green and deep purple, along with some light orange pistils. The most notable physical trait of this strain is its sugary layering of shimmering trichomes that let you know you’re in for a potent experience.

Purple Punch Aroma and Flavor Profile

So what does Purple Punch strain taste like? It’s known as a dessert strain, not only because its calming effects are a great way to top off a fantastic meal but also because of its sweet and fruity flavor profile. 

When you take a hit of Purple Punch, you’ll immediately note some juicy berry and grape flavors, along with hints of confectionary blueberry and some tart notes toward the end. The aroma of this strain is reminiscent of a sweet and sour candy. 

The terpene profile of Purple Punch is dominated by caryophyllene, which can be found in basil, oregano, lavender, rosemary, black pepper, cinnamon, cloves, hops, and more. Other terpenes include limonene and pinene.

Typical Effects and Benefits of the Purple Punch Strain

The Purple Punch strain offers a potent hit of THC with a small amount of CBD. Typically, the THC content in this strain is somewhere between 20% and 23%. 

With around an 80:20 indica to sativa ratio, you can anticipate more of a relaxed and calm high than a buzzy, energetic one, but there are still some sativa features to enjoy.

Purple Punch Effects

When you roll up and smoke your Purple Punch in a hemp wrap for the first time, you can anticipate several common effects, such as:


Typically, a euphoric high is expected more with sativa strains. Although Purple Punch is considered to be only about 20% sativa, you’ll still feel a fair amount of that uplifting euphoric effect.


The stronger indica side of this strain means you’ll be feeling incredibly calm and relaxed after just a hit or two of Purple Punch. The sedative effects are strong enough that some like to use this strain to help them get better sleep. 

Purple Punch undoubtedly falls into the category of “couch-lock” strains, which means it’ll have you feeling so calm and content that you won’t see much reason to get off the couch for a while.

Appetite Stimulation

It may be popular for use as a dessert strain, but Purple Punch can also inspire you to seek out a more traditional dessert as it tends to stimulate the appetite. Not only will you be looking for a tasty treat to go with your Purple Punch, but you’ll likely find that whatever treat you settle on tastes notably better than usual.

Purple Punch Benefits

This strain is a great recreational option, but that doesn’t mean it has no therapeutic benefits. In fact, it offers plenty of useful effects for those in need of specialized relief. So what is Purple Punch strain good for?

Discomfort Relief

If you’re dealing with any minor aches or pains, Purple Punch has the potential to bring some relief to that discomfort.

Peace of Mind

The relaxing effects of this strain are not limited strictly to the physical body. You’ll also feel a sense of mental calm that can be a welcome relief from the stress and worry of your daily grind.

Nausea Relief

Purple Punch also has the potential to ease your stomach and make you feel more comfortable, which is another reason why it’s considered to be a great dessert strain. A few hits after a big meal, and you may feel a lot less stuffed.

Help With Sleep Difficulties

Much like some other useful cannabinoid products, Purple Punch can be great for combatting sleep problems. As your experience with Purple Punch winds down, you’ll be in a calm enough state that getting to bed may be a whole lot easier than usual.

Common Uses and Consumption Methods

There are several ways to enjoy your cannabinoids, including:


Flower is the classic method of consumption. You can either grab some hemp flower and hemp wraps or make things quick and easy with some CBD cigarettes.


For maximum terpenes, opting for a disposable vape can be the best option. It allows for a level of discretion and convenience that other consumption methods do not.


Tinctures are a cut above the rest when it comes to versatility. You can drop some beneath your tongue, apply it topically for targeted relief, or you can even drop some tincture right into your favorite recipe or drink to transform them into edibles.

Where to Buy Purple Punch?

If you’re interested in trying out Purple Punch, you can grab a Wild Hemp’s Delta-8 + HHC disposable vape. We offer our vapes in a variety of unique strains beyond Purple Punch, so make sure to check out our whole selection before making your purchase.

Try Purple Punch Today

This popular indica-dominant hybrid offers a candy-like flavor profile and a relaxing, sedative effect that can make your nights a whole lot more interesting. Make sure to check out Purple Punch and all the other amazing strains Wild Hemp has to offer and reach out to us if you have any questions.



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