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10 Reasons Why Hempettes® Are the Best CBD Cigarettes

With so many ways to experience the dynamic properties of the hemp plant, it is only natural that we can feel overwhelmed by the selection, unable to figure out which type of CBD product will best suit our needs, goals and preferences.  At Wild Hemp, we do everything we can to accommodate as broad of a range of CBD enthusiasts as possible, with a generous array of formulas that each deliver cannabinoids and terpenes into the body in unique and desirable ways.

If you’re looking for a natural, easy way to maintain a routine with the hemp plant, look no further than our Hempettes®, which offer only the pure, raw flowers of the hemp plant, rich in cannabinoids like CBD and other useful compounds, in the form of a cigarette. These nicotine and tobacco-free hemp cigarettes come in a sealed pack of 20, which also makes it easy to dose the perfect amount of CBD per day.

Need More Reasons Why Wild Hemp Hempettes® Are the Best?

We are going to be going into detail about the qualities that make these hemp cigarettes so unique, and so perfect for anyone looking to experience the dazzling properties of CBD.

Reason #1: A User-Friendly Design

Our Hempettes® couldn’t be easier to use.  There is no need to measure out the right amount of product each day, or count the milligrams.  As these cigarettes all contain the same amount of pure, natural hemp, you can simply take as many puffs as desired until you feel satisfied. 

A lot of CBD flower on the market comes in the form of loose buds, which definitely serves a unique purpose, but it can be challenging to work with, especially if you’re a beginner, or someone who just wants a fast and easy method to consuming the compounds of the hemp plant.  Rather than having to break up the flower yourself to put in a pipe, vaporizer device or individual papers, we do the hard work for you.  Simply pull one out of the pack and light it up – no more effort required.

Reason #2: Organic, Domestically Sourced Hemp

We want our customers to have the absolute best CBD experience possible, and that begins with the hemp plant material that we have to work with. That’s why we put enormous effort into sourcing what we believe is simply the best raw hemp on the planet. We carefully considered a number of farms and selected one that grows exceptional crops. The hemp that we use comes from local, highly experienced hemp farmers who have dedicated their lives to their work, and the hemp is grown organically, meaning that it’s free of pesticides and other unwanted chemicals that ultimately detract from the quality of one’s CBD experience. The hemp is tested by a third-party laboratory to ensure that it maintains the ideal chemical composition, purity levels and overall quality.

Reason #3: No Fillers or Additives

Our Hempettes® contain raw hemp flower and naturally derived flavor, and that’s it.  There is zero tobacco or nicotine in our product, and we do not add any fillers or additives to bulk up the formula.  Also, no need for any other ingredients to be in this product because the hemp plant’s many exciting compounds accomplish everything that the customer could ask for. 

Within the raw hemp flower we use in our Hempettes® is a rich array of chemical compounds that naturally occur in the hemp material, including a naturally high level of cannabidiol, plus an abundance of other useful cannabinoids, in addition to terpenes and phytonutrients.  These chemical compounds work together to deliver a full spectrum experience that is as effective as a hemp product can possibly be.

Reason #4: Awesome Flavors to Choose from

Speaking of flavor, we really went above and beyond to create a product that doesn’t just satisfy the body and mind, but the palate as well.  Hempettes® are available in an array of exciting flavors that keep the taste buds in a state of euphoria while you introduce your body to exquisite cannabinoids and terpenes.  Choose between Menthol, Sweet, or Pineapple Blaze, or, if you prefer, our original option: Unflavored.    

Reason #5: Highly Bioavailable, Completely Pure

Because the hemp in our Hempettes® has not been processed or purified in any way, it delivers the purest forms of these desirable compounds to the body.  Many believe that smoking the raw flower offers the highest bioavailability (ability to fully absorb into the body for maximum effectiveness), because the less processed the hemp is, the better.  This means that you may feel a stronger sensation of CBD and other compounds at work after each smoking session. Also, Hempettes® are a great choice for anyone who simply does not want to consume any ingredients other than hemp itself.

Reason #6: Fast-Acting

Due to the high bioavailability of these Hempetttes®, coupled with the nature of inhalable delivery methods, this product allows the compounds you crave to activate in the system within minutes.  While these Hempettes® will not get you high, as they contain the federally compliant and non-intoxicating level of THC, you may still feel the CBD and other cannabinoids take effect in a way that enables a sense of inner balance. 

Reason #7: Freshness

Hemp flower, being fully organic in nature, should always be as fresh as possible to deliver its full potential to the body.  As the plant material ages, it loses some of its potency as well as its flavor due to the breaking down of the terpenes in the plant.  We ensure that each pack of Hempettes® that we ship out contains only the freshest flower possible, which can make a surprising difference when it comes to both flavor and the compounds’ abilities to deliver their properties to the body.  The freshness lends itself to a bold flavor profile that has unique complexity, allowing you to taste each and every terpene found in the buds of the hemp plant.

Reason #8: The Look and Feel of Cigarettes

Unsurprisingly, a lot of people choose our Hempettes® as a way to transition away from cigarettes. They look and feel identical to cigarettes, right down to the pack that they come in, and this can act as a great substitute for tobacco.  Free of tar and other tobacco chemicals, they are gentle on the body, while providing former smokers with the same sensation as smoking their favorite cigs. 

Reason #9: Discreet and Portable

These packs are travel-friendly, being the same shape and size as traditional cigarette packs. This means you can easily keep a pack in your pocket at all times, in a way that’s discreet since nobody will know the difference. Because there is no need to measure anything out, you can enjoy a Hempette® anywhere at any time, as long as smoking is allowed. 

Overall, you’ll be thrilled by the discreetness and portability compared to many other flower products on the market, which tend to require some type of smoking or vaping device, or even require that you stop what you’re doing and roll the flower into paper.

Reason #10: Filtered for a Smooth Smoking Session

Hempettes® are filtered just like cigarettes, and this can greatly enhance your smoking sessions. It means that with each inhale, you’ll savor a smooth stream of smoke that’s less harsh than it may be when smoking out of a pipe or an unfiltered roll. No bits of flower will get into your mouth and your teeth, and each pull is nice and easy on the body. 

Wild Hemp Hempettes® are a Game Changer in the CBD Industry

These hemp cigarettes offer a completely pure and natural way to get in the perfect daily amount of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other desirable compounds of the hemp plant. Organic, fresh, and carefully sourced, the flower that we use is highly bioavailable, and we make it as easy as possible for customers to satisfy their daily needs with a pre-rolled option complete with a filter that requires zero effort.

Whether you are a former smoker looking for a new alternative to tobacco, or a hemp enthusiast who wants to explore the unique qualities of raw hemp flower, these Hempettes® are the perfect option for your daily routine. Just choose your flavor and savor one of the cleanest CBD products on the market.



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