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Is It Safe for Dogs to Inhale CBD Smoke?

Should You Let Your Dog Frolic in CBD Smoke?

Dog by weed smoke

Go ahead, take a long slow puff of that CBD cigarette after a tough day.

As the smoke blows out, your pup looks up making sad eyes, practically begging for a sniff too.

CBD’s getting popular to help with human health problems.

But is it fine to let pets breathe the stuff in?

The Dangers of Cigarette Smoke

Let’s paws before puffing around pets.

True, CBD shows promise helping some human ailments.

But there’s no bones about it - smoke itself carries risks like cancer-causers, lung irritants, and toxicity that hit little pet bodies hard.

Do CBD Cigarettes Get a Free Kennel Pass?

Solid thing to wonder, since CBD skips nicotine and may skip full-on addiction.

But looking real close, problems are still there:

We don't really know everything that's in CBD smoke.

Fillers and stuff made from burning maybe spell big ouchies for tiny pets.

Even CBD oil you buy just for animal use says be real careful with amounts.

No careful amounts when blowing puffs around!

So while kitty probably won't go bonkers, why chance it when we aren't sure?

That emergency vet bill ain't fun to deal with...

Let Furry Friends Breathe Clean and Clear

Be good to little lungs (animals got less backup lives than you think!).

If you just cannot put down the CBD smokes, go outside where dog/cat faces cannot accidentally sniff it up.

And if you’re all done with smoky treats forever, well then more cuddles, catnip, and walks for all! That's living good right there.

CBD Products You Can Use Even When Around Your Dog

I get it, separating yourself and your best furry friend is tough even when health calls for it.

But you needn't put enjoying CBD on pause just because pooch wants to stick to your side.

There are some great options that won't risk Rover accidentally lapping anything up:

CBD Gummies These chewy Green Haze treats pack a potent 25mg CBD dose per piece.

With crazy flavors like spicy mango and apple rings, just be sure to keep the jar sealed and stuffed on a high shelf old Yeller can't reach when noshing yourself.


Broad Spectrum CBD Tincture This handy Wild Hemp oil delivers chill in drops you can add to almost anything.

To keep Princess Pup safely out of the mix, try mixing into your morning orange juice versus dropping straight under tongues.

A quick stir and gulp avoids any curious k9 tongues looking to sneak a taste!


CBD Softgels Popping these Wild Hemp caps gives slow releasing relief that dogs won't try stealing from your palm pre-swallow.

Just be sure to store the bottle secure in a pantry versus loose on the kitchen counter once his nose gets a tempting whiff!


The key is enjoying your CBD as normally as possible, while taking minor precautions to keep available doses out of wet nose access.

A little planning means both you and beloved four-legged friends continue living your best lives!



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