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Are hemp rolling papers better for the environments?

Lots of people want to make choices that don’t hurt the environment. Some think hemp rolling papers are better than normal rolling papers. But is this true?

Why is growing hemp good for the environment?

Hemp is a plant that grows very fast. It doesn’t need much water or chemicals to grow. This makes it better for the environment than cotton plants or trees. Hemp also soaks up carbon dioxide, which is a gas that causes climate change. And it makes soil healthier.

Where do most rolling papers come from?

Normal rolling papers come from trees. Cutting down whole trees to make paper goods can lead to deforestation or habitat destruction. The process used to bleach paper white also pollutes the air and water. So on the surface, hemp seems like a greener choice than using trees.

Can all hemp papers be called "environmentally-friendly"?

But not all hemp papers are eco-friendly. Some use cotton or get bleached and dyed like regular papers. This still harms the planet. To make rolling papers greener, they should use unbleached hemp paper with few added ingredients and be made locally.

What’s the bottom line on hemp rolling papers and the environment?

In the end, hemp papers can be better for the environment. But smokers concerned about not polluting should think about quitting. For those who won’t quit, choosing hemp paper rolled cigarettes is one way they could pollute a little bit less over regular papers. As long as those papers are made in green ways too.



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