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What is Smokable Hemp?

Have you tried smoking hemp yet?

If you haven’t you need to change that quick.

These days, hemp and CBD flower are being cultivated specifically for smoking. And people are loving it.


Cannabinoids (like CBD) are found in the greatest abundance in the flower of the plant. So while a CBD tincture oil could be extracted from the whole plant, hemp is all about pure and rich concentrations of CBD.

This gives people access to the numerous benefits of the hemp plant without any knock-on effects. There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that hemp can aid wellness in many areas.

Other cannabinoids can also be found in the buds, including CBG, CBN, and CBC, to name just three of over 100 cannabinoids that we know to exist.

The Rise Of Smoking Hemp

Although primarily used by younger people, older generations are increasingly getting in on the game.

The demand for smokable hemp production is growing with each month. This is amazing when you consider that only in the last few years have farmers begun breeding and manufacturing hemp into a smokable product.

THC-rich cannabis might be the most culturally known now but just wait. Hemp is being selectively bred all over the world specifically for its low THC production. In Europe, the appeal of high-CBD, low-THC hemp is growing among cannabis users looking for an alternative to traditional smoking.

In fact, the smoking hemp market grew over 500% between 2018 and 2019. The rise of smokable hemp flower is undeniable.

People love smoking hemp for a variety of reasons but most importantly are:

  • Flavour profiles
  • Smoothness
  • Terpene content

Users want to know they’re getting the best on offer and that’s why high quality smokable hemp is so valued. Hemp has been prized for a long time for its durable fibers and industrial uses. BUt only recently have farmers began to cultivate high-quality, premium CBD rich hemp.

2018 Hemp Farm Bill

In 2018, the Farm Bill was passed allowing hemp to become a commercially grown crop. It legalized the growth and manufacture of hemp provided it stayed within set guidelines (an example being a low, THC count 0.3%). While it means that hemp is a highly regulated crop in a way that marks it as different from tomatoes or basil, it provides farmers with a chance to make a real living from hemp.

Great news for smoking hemp lovers the world over.

However, since that time there has been very little in the way of unanimous agreement on legislation. This has caused problems for small businesses and farmers in various states where the rules are not clear.

Attempts to Ban Smokable Hemp

Not everyone appreciates the versatility and durability of hemp. Lawmakers from many states are alarmed at how difficult law enforcement officers find it to tell the difference between hemp or illegal pot.

For many years, law enforcers has justified arrests and searches based on the odor of cannabis. If smokables are legal, this justification will no longer suffice.

It is often impossible for law enforcers to tell apart the difference between lawful hemp flower (less than 0.3% THC) and unlawful psychoactive cannabis flower (greater than 0.3% THC). The existence of legal cannabis flower also makes prosecution much more difficult for state’s attorneys

In Louisiana and Indiana, smoking hemp products have been banned for sale since 2019. At the moment (early September 2020), Texas is still battling to decide whether it will ban the sale and manufacture of smokable hemp products.

Decisions like this might have devastating consequences on the smokeable hemp industry, farmers, and smaller, newly started industrial hemp businesses.

That said, many states have not banned hemp and it is still freely available in many places.

The Future of Smokable Hemp

By all accounts, the future of hemp is very bright. Much like the fledgling CBD flower industry, hemp is expected to grow larger and larger despite the obstacles placed in front of it. Hemp and hemp derived CBD are for better or worse tied together.

But this may well be a good thing. By 2024, the CBD oil industry is expected to be worth around $20billion.

What will hemp need to become a strong market opportunity like CBD?

First of all, it will need a more evenly distributed regulatory system. As mentioned, some states have outright banned hemp but only because of its similarities to cannabis. Contradictory and confusing laws will make it more difficult than necessary for CBD to become a flourishing industry.

There also needs to be a dedicated, trusted body that can verify the validity of CBD products from companies. This will create a deep consumer trust which is necessary for all legitimate industries. Third party lab results on-demand as well as certifications of quality manufacturing processes will be necessary.

On top of all that, the banking options for hemp companies will need to improve. Currently, U.S. banks are wary of what they deem “high risk” industries. Often there are fringe industries, however, hemp, due to its relatively unknown status, falls into this category for many institutions. It doesn’t help that people still wrongly think of hemp and cannabis as one and the same.

As the public grows more educated on hemp, learns about the health benefits, the industry will open up more and more.


Smokable hemp flowers simply come from the flowering buds of the cannabis plant. This is the most potent form of CBD. Plus, most smokable forms of CBD do not cause a high.

Many experts tout CBD flower as the best way to consume CBD. The benefits are seemingly endless. At Wild Hemp, we have to agree.

This is why we want to tell you all about the benefits of smokable hemp flower.


If you're thinking about switching to smokable hemp flower, you might wonder how much CBD it contains. This all comes down to the strain. Some strains might contain high doses of CBD. This could be a much higher dose than you're used to.

However, some strains could contain a much lower level of CBD. When in doubt, we'd recommend looking up the lab results for the strain of CBD flower you're about to smoke.

Not only will this help establish how much CBD it contains, but you'll also be able to understand what other cannabinoids it contains.


There are multiple strains of CBD-rich hemp flower. However, the best hemp flower strain all depends on how much CBD you want to ingest. It could also depend on the flavor profiles you enjoy.

That being said, there are a number of outstanding hemp flower strains. For example, Special Sauce is a CBD-rich strain, known for its citrusy flavor.

There's also Papaya Nights, a hemp flower strain packed with 19% of CBD and CBDA. If you're a fan of fruity flavors, we'd recommend this strain. It's also a great strain to smoke if you suffer from chronic pain.


Smoking hemp flower could be an entirely new experience for you. If this is the case, you might have some questions. For example, what is smoking hemp flower like?

Smoking hemp flower often includes rolling your own joints. This process can be a little frustrating and messy at first. However, this doesn't always have to be the case.

In fact, by purchasing a pack of Hempettes, you can bypass the steep learning curve, when it comes to rolling. By smoking a Hempette, you're treated to 75 mg of pure CBD flower. Plus, they come in a pack of 20, so you can get a dose of CBD whenever you like.


If you're a seasoned hemp smoker, you'll know that it has a very distinctive smell. In fact, it could be confused with marijuana. Therefore, we'd advise caution, before lighting up.

While CBD is legal in the vast majority of American states, it smells a lot like marijuana. This means that even if you're smoking pure hemp flower, with no trace of THC, you might want to be aware of where and when you're lighting up.

Given its distinctive smell, we'd also recommend smoking outside -- especially if you don't live alone.


Absolutely! In fact, smoking hemp is one of the earliest methods of consumption. Choosing to smoke CBD flower also means that you're making the most of its benefits.

This is because of its high level of bioavailability. By smoking hemp, the CBD goes directly into your system. Therefore, you'll feel the effects far quicker than with most other methods.

While we understand that smoking hemp isn't for everyone, there are clear benefits to it. Therefore, we'd definitely recommend trying it.

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