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Wild Hemp brings you the best CBD edibles on the market. Whether you're looking for CBD gummies, CBD tinctures, or softgel capsules, Wild Hemp has you covered. Get your CBD edibles from Wild Hemp. For more information on our CBD edibles click here.

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What Are CBD Edibles?

If you're venturing into the world of CBD, you might want to know what you're getting into. Even if you're an experienced CBD user, there's always time for a refresher course, as the CBD industry is constantly growing and developing.

At Wild Hemp, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of the CBD industry, and our excellent range of CBD products. We'll tell you everything you need to know about CBD edibles, and how you can buy them online.

CBD edibles are an ingestible form of CBD. They come in a variety of products and flavors.

For example, CBD edibles are available in:

  • tinctures
  • brownies
  • candy, such as gummies and lollipops
  • chocolate
  • CBD-infused drinks

We haven't even scratched the surface with that list. Every single year, manufacturers come up with dozens of new CBD edibles.

While most CBD edibles lean towards sweetness instead of savory flavors, they can also be made at home. All you need is a good tincture; this will allow you to make a selection of CBD-infused recipes

Benefits of CBD Edibles

CBD edibles are becoming increasingly popular. In a few short years, CBD edibles have gone from a niche product, to something readily available to buy online.

You might be wondering why more and more people have turned to CBD edibles, over other methods. This is primarily due to the fact that CBD edibles are discreet.

When you and consume CBD edibles, there's no messing around with CBD hemp flower, lighters, or rolling paper. Furthermore, there's no tell-tale smell that you've been indulging in the goodness of CBD. In the same vein, choosing to eat your CBD reduces your risk of lung and throat irritation.

Choosing to consume CBD edibles, instead of using a topical like a CBD cream or balm, can also be a far more efficient way to deal with aches and chronic pain.

Many people enjoy consuming CBD because of the sheer selection. There's a CBD edible for everyone -- no matter what your favorite snack or flavor is. Seasoned CBD users might opt for a straightforward capsule or tincture.

However, people with a sweet tooth can choose from a selection of CBD-infused edibles, like chocolates and gummies. While these CBD edibles come with user guidelines as they can contain high doses of CBD, they're an easy, discreet way to consume CBD, while getting a sweet treat.

That being said, you might be tempted to buy CBD edibles online, on the first website that you find. We'd advise against this, especially because not all edibles are created equal.

Before purchasing, look for a reputable website that stocks good-quality products -- like our selection at Wild Hemp.

Can You Buy CBD Edibles Online?

With small businesses moving online to cut down on overhead costs, the same can be said for CBD retailers. Not only can you buy CBD edibles online, but you also have a huge selection of websites to choose from.

However, we'd advise you to proceed with caution. While some online retailers might advertise low prices and free shipping, their manufacturers and suppliers could be skimping on ingredients. It's also likely that their products don't undergo third-party laboratory testing.

That being said, the most expensive products don't necessarily mean that you're getting the best CBD on the market. If you're looking to buy CBD edibles online, we'd recommend following these guidelines:

  • Establish what you're looking for. Once you know what CBD edible you want to buy, you'll be able to filter the results based on strength, CBD source, and flavor.
  • Do your research. Read up about the product you want to buy. Browse the reviews on the website and read the third-party lab results. When in doubt, you can always look up specific products on websites like Reddit.
  • Engage with retailers. Most CBD websites have a dedicated customer service team. They're an endless wealth of information about their products, and they're eager to share this knowledge. If you're unsure about what to buy, get in touch with them.
  • Keep an open mind. This is especially true for first-time CBD users. With the selection of CBD edibles on the market, finding your personal holy grail might not happen on the first try. However, by keeping an open mind, and trying more products, you could stand to find your new must-have edible!

Why Wild Hemp Edibles Are the Best CBD Edibles

At Wild Hemp, we stock a selection of high-quality CBD edibles. If you're thinking about buying CBD edibles online, we're happy to help.

Browse our selection of delicious CBD gummies, softgel capsules, and water-soluble CBD. We also stock a selection of tinctures, in a variety of flavors and strengths.

All our products are made with some of the best ingredients around, sourced from Oregon and Colorado. We want to ensure that all our products are up to standard. That's why they're third-party tested, ensuring pure quality in every bite, drop, and capsule.

Furthermore, they contain no THC, giving you a completely CBD-rich experience.

What Do CBD Edibles Do?

CBD edibles are just another way to consume CBD. Many people prefer edibles over smokable forms of CBD, due to the fact edibles are far more discreet.

CBD edibles have the same effects as other forms of CBD. They can help with anxiety, assist in pain management, and improve your quality of sleep.

However, CBD edibles are just that much more accessible. You don't have to endure thick smoke, strong-smelling vape liquids, or bitter tinctures to reap the benefits of CBD.

For first-time CBD users, edibles might just be the way to go -- especially since you can buy them online!

How Long Does It Take for CBD Edibles to Kick In?

While smoking CBD flowers is the fastest way to feel the effects of CBD, CBD edibles can take a little longer. This is due to the low bioavailability in edibles, as they go through your digestive system.

How fast you actually feel the effects all comes down to the type of edible you've taken, and the amount of CBD that's in it. It also depends on how quickly your metabolism works.

However, don't let that put you off. If you run a tight ship and keep to a schedule, edibles could be the way forward. This is because you'll be able to time the effects, so that they fit into your daily routine.

For example, if you want the effects of CBD to kick in right before you arrive at work, you could add a couple of CBD gummies to your breakfast menu. You could also take them along with the rest of your supplements. Conversely, if you're taking CBD for better sleep, you can consume a few drops of a tincture right after dinner.

Keeping to a schedule will ensure that you're getting the best possible use out of your CBD gummies. 

Do CBD Edibles Help With Anxiety?

There have been several studies on the relationship between CBD and anxiety. While the majority of studies were done on animals, there have been significant positive changes.

For example, animals treated with CBD showed lower behavioral signs of anxiety. These animals were able to interact with each other in a constructive manner. Furthermore, they also experienced a lower heart rate, and their breathing was more even when recorded.

It is clear that more research needs to be done. However, anecdotal evidence suggests that CBD can help with anxiety. Numerous people have documented how taking CBD has helped with their anxiety.

Additionally, a number of medical professionals are prescribing CBD to help with anxiety, instead of resorting to opioids. With CBD's rise in popularity, more research is in the pipelines.

Hopefully, this will provide users with more concrete evidence of the relationship between CBD and anxiety.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD Edibles?

CBD is said to have a number of side-effects. These side-effects include:

  • changes in appetite
  • diarrhea
  • drowsiness
  • dry mouth

It should be noted that many people use CBD to stimulate their appetites.

This is especially true in cases where individuals are undergoing chemotherapy. The intensive treatment plan can tire them out, and leave them without much of an appetite. Therefore, many people use CBD to help them stick to a healthy diet.

Diarrhea might seem like the most worrying side-effect on this list. However, this side-effect was only noted in a study for CBD and epilepsy. In fact, the link between CBD edibles and diarrhea is tenuous, at best.

Anecdotal evidence shows that CBD can help with insomnia, so it comes as no surprise that drowsiness is a side-effect. This can be circumvented by scheduling your doses of CBD. By doing this, you can establish when you'll experience a dip in energy.

High doses of CBD can lead to dry mouth. Thankfully, this can be remedied pretty easily, simply by staying hydrated.

Can I Use CBD Edibles for Pain?

CBD is probably best known for being an all-natural pain remedy. This is because CBD binds to the receptors in your endocannabinoid system (ECS).

Your ECS is responsible for a number of physical functions, including processing the sensation of pain. The addition of CBD can help to reduce, or even stop, the feeling of pain.

Additionally, research shows that CBD's anti-inflammatory properties could potentially soothe aches and pains for people with arthritis.

Since CBD edibles contain hefty amounts of CBD, they could potentially help to ease pain -- from chronic pain, to arthritis pain, and the pain that comes with torn muscles.

Can I Use CBD Edibles for Anxiety?

Earlier, we established that CBD can help with anxiety. While more research needs to be done, so that medical professionals can say for certain, the anecdotal evidence is there.

If you're looking to try CBD -- especially to treat anxiety -- we'd recommend that you do your research. We also suggest consulting with a medical professional before you buy CBD edibles online.

Medical professionals can advise you on how much CBD to take, and in what frequency. Establishing this can help narrow your CBD edibles search, and ensure that you're working through your anxiety in the best possible way.

Key Takeaways

CBD can have a multitude of health benefits, if regularly ingested. Buying CBD online is an excellent way to try a selection of products, without having to leave the comfort of your home.

If you're thinking about buying CBD edibles online, we want to remind you to always purchase from a reputable retailer. One of the perks of online shopping is that you can read reviews, look into third-party testing results, and decide whether you think a product is a worthwhile purchase.

If you're a first-time user, you might have to try an array of CBD edibles, before you find the perfect CBD-infused snack. Don't let this discourage you -- with a little research, and some experimenting, we're sure you'll find it!

You can also browse our selection of CBD edibles on the Wild Hemp website. We're always happy to help, so feel free to get in touch -- especially if you have any questions.

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