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Wild Cones Jars Full Set
Wild Cones 50 Count Jar Dog Walker Size Unbleached Paper
Wild Cones 50 Count Jar Dog Walker Size White Paper
Wild Cones 50 Count Jar 1 1/4 Size Unbleached Paper
Wild Cones 50 Count Jar 1 1/4 Size White Paper

Rolling Paper 50 ct. Cones Jar | Dog Walker & 1 1/4 Size | White or Unbleached Wild Hemp Paper

Wild Hemp
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Our Wild Hemp® paper cones are designed for you to easily fill your legal cannabis flower, twist the end, and enjoy!

  • 50 Cones in a Jar
  • Size: Dog Walker & 1 ¼ 
  • Material: Classic White & Unbleached
  • Ultra-Thin Watermarked Rolling Paper
  • Not Intended for use with Tobacco 
  • 0% Total THC


Finally, a convenient way to store and fill your own pre roll joints!

Tired of rolling?

Our pre-rolled cones are the perfect solution for busy smokers. Simply fill with your favorite herb, twist the end, and enjoy!

Our cones are made from 100% natural hemp or wood pulp paper and come with a biodegradable filter. They are slow-burning, tobacco-free, and nicotine-free.

Use our cones for pre-rolls, joints, spliffs, or anything else you can imagine! They are the perfect way to enjoy your favorite herbs without the hassle of rolling.

Order your cones today and experience the difference!

Here are some of the key points that I have reworded or emphasized:

  • Easy to use.
  • Made from natural hemp paper.
  • Slow burning
  • Tobacco-free and nicotine-free.
  • Small convenient jar with 50 cones



Wild Hemp Dog Walker Size Cones: The Perfect Way to Enjoy a Quick Smoke

Are you looking for a convenient and easy way to enjoy a quick smoke? Look no further than the Wild Hemp Dog Walker Size Cones! These pre-rolled cones are made from 100% natural hemp paper and come with a biodegradable filter. They are the perfect size for a solo smoke or a quick session with a friend.

Why are they called Dog Walkers?

This size of cones are typically called shorties or dog walkers. The reason that they are called dog walkers is because the joint is supposed to be able to be smoked completely in the time it takes to walk your dog. 

Dog walker size cones are perfect for:

People who don't need a lot of weed to get high

People who are on the go

People who want to avoid the hassle of rolling their own joints

The 1 1/4 Size: A Classic Slim Smoke

The 1 1/4 Size pre roll cone holds around a gram just like the King size cone. The main difference is that the 1 1/4 size cone is skinnier, which gives it a slim classic feel and look. 

1 1/4 size cones are perfect for:

Sharing with 1 to 3 people

Smoking by yourself

Joint lovers you rather fill a cone than roll a joint


Allow 1 business day processing time for orders placed after 10am CST. 

⚠️WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide and hemp smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to  https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/


Both our hemp cones and classic cones are made from 100% plant material and unbleached.

Each paper cone comes attached to a biodegradable filter . 

50 individual pre roll cones per jar. 

The current type of paper that Wild Hemp sells in jar form are either unbleached or white wood pulp based cones, and they only come in dog walker or 1 1/4 size. 

Intended Use: Add your own flower, roll and smoke/inhale.

Country of Origin: USA Grown Plant Material


Hemp Cones Ingredients: 100% Hemp Paper w/ Biodegradable Filter.

Classic Cones Ingredients: 100% Natural Wood Pulp Paper w/ Biodegradable Filter.


Lab test not required. This product contains 0% THC, 0% CBD, 0% Delta-8 THC, 0% Nicotine, etc. 


Paper cones are the perfect way to smoke your favorite herbs. They are easier to use, faster to roll, and more consistent than traditional rolling papers.

Easier to Use

Paper cones come pre-rolled and pre-filtered, so there is no need to mess with making your own filter or worrying about the herb spilling out. Simply fill the cone with your desired herb and twist the end to seal it.

Faster to Roll

Paper cones are much faster to roll than traditional rolling papers. This means you can spend more time enjoying your smoke and less time fussing with the rolling process.

More Consistent

Paper cones are made using precise industrial machinery, so each cone is perfectly rolled and burns evenly. This means you can be sure of a consistent smoking experience every time.

Switch to Paper Cones Today!

If you are looking for an easier, faster, and more consistent way to smoke your favorite herbs, then paper cones are the perfect choice for you. Switch to paper cones today and start enjoying your smoke the way it was meant to be enjoyed.



Wild Hemp offers a variety of rolling papers to suit the needs of every smoker, including hemp cones and classic paper cones. Both types of cones are made from 100% plant material and unbleached, and they come with biodegradable filters.

Hemp Cones

Hemp cones are a great choice for smokers who are looking for a healthier option. Hemp is a natural plant that does not contain any chemicals or additives. Hemp cones also burn slower and cooler than traditional paper cones, which can help to reduce the risk of harsh smoke.

Classic Paper Cones

Classic paper cones are a good choice for smokers who are used to traditional rolling papers. They are made from a blend of plant materials that are known for their smooth smoke. Classic paper cones are also available in a variety of sizes, so you can find the perfect size for your needs.

No Matter Which Rolling Paper You Choose

No matter which type of rolling paper you choose, you can be sure that Wild Hemp products are made with the highest quality materials and the easiest design. Wild Hemp ensures that every product it produces is consistent and reliable, so you can enjoy a smooth and enjoyable smoke every time.




Hemp and classic rolling paper cones have a similar, neutral taste. Both types of cones are made from natural materials and do not contain any additives that could alter the flavor of your hemp flower. This allows you to enjoy the full flavor profile of your flower without any interference.



The best paper cones are the Wild Hemp®️ paper cones. You can buy these anywhere such as our website, Amazon, smoke shops, and convenient stores. 




Wild Hemp has made rolling cones easier than ever with our pre-shaped cones and biodegradable filters. Here's how to roll a cone with Wild Hemp:

  1. Remove the cone from its packaging.
  2. Grind your flower.
  3. Pour the ground flower into the wide open end of the cone.
  4. Twist the end of the cone to seal it.
  5. Light it up and enjoy!

With Wild Hemp, rolling a cone is as easy as 1-2-3. Our pre-shaped cones and biodegradable filters make it quick and easy to enjoy your favorite herbs.

Here are some additional tips for rolling a cone with Wild Hemp:

  • Use a grinder to grind your flower into a fine consistency. This will help the flower to pack more tightly into the cone and burn evenly.
  • Don't overfill the cone. This can cause the cone to canoe, which is when the flower burns unevenly.
  • Twist the end of the cone tightly to seal it. This will help to prevent the flower from falling out of the cone.
  • Light the cone from the tip and enjoy!

With a little practice, you'll be rolling cones like a pro in no time. So what are you waiting for? Try Wild Hemp today and see how easy it is to roll a cone.

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