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Does CBD Make You Sleepy or Tired?

A good night's sleep can completely revolutionize your morning. In fact, a number of people take CBD at night. But does CBD make you sleepy? Does CBD oil make you tired?

CBD is the latest addition to a selection of must-have wellness products. It's also readily available online. Many people swear by it, after including it in their wellness routines.

We'll answer all your questions about CBD and sleep -- including whether it can make you sleepy -- right here at Wild Hemp.

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An Introduction to CBD

Originating from the hemp plant, CBD is a compound also known as a cannabinoid. Unlike THC, it won't get you high. CBD products come in a variety of options.

For example, you can choose to use smokables, like CBD Cigarettes and Hemp Wraps. You can also choose from a selection of CBD edibles, oils, and CBD tinctures.

Additionally, animal studies also point to CBD having a number of advantages. If this is the case, then CBD oil must make you sleepy, right?

What does this mean for people who want to take CBD, but don't want to feel tired? Can people take CBD, even if they have no trouble sleeping?


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Does CBD Make You Sleepy?

Anecdotal evidence points to CBD potentially aiding in better sleep. Because of this, you might have several questions, including questions like, "Does CBD oil make you tired?"

We're here to tell you that the jury's still out on this one. Many people claim that CBD can help improve your sleep quality. However, more research needs to be done to figure out whether or not CBD can actually make you sleepy.

That being said, a number of people choose to consume CBD oil before bedtime, claiming that it helps them sleep better. This could be down to any number of reasons.

A number of CBD users stick to a balanced routine, when it comes to when, where, and how they take their CBD. A regular evening routine -- with or without CBD -- could make you feel more at peace, resulting in you getting better rest.

I Want to Use CBD, but Want to Avoid Feeling Sleepy and Drowsy

Earlier, we mentioned that more research needs to be done, before we can conclude whether or not CBD can make you feel tired.

However, you might have heard of people experiencing drowsiness after consuming CBD. You might have also experienced this yourself. If you're concerned about feeling sleepy when you consume CBD, you don't have to cut CBD out altogether.

We've put together a number of ways to consume CBD, without having to worry about feeling drowsy.

Time Your Doses

If you associate CBD with feeling sleepy, you could make small changes as to when you take your CBD.

For example, if you notice yourself feeling drowsy or tired in the afternoon, consider taking your CBD oil a little earlier in the day. Add it to your morning coffee, or take a capsule with breakfast. You could also take it a little later -- right after work, or after dinner.

Changing your routine, and sticking to CBD doses at a set time could potentially stop you from feeling drowsy in the middle of your workday.

Check Your Products

We mentioned earlier that to prove CBD's connection to sleepiness, we'll need more evidence. However, there's a clear link between THC and sleep quality.

A study in 2004 showed that THC could make users feel drowsy. In large doses, it could also make you feel sluggish, and affect your performance throughout the day. If you're drawing a connection between your CBD products and feelings of fatigue, we'd recommend checking your products.

In several states, THC is considered a controlled substance. However, sub-standard products might contain large amounts of THC. This is because their manufacturers might not utilize a third-party lab testing facility.

You can avoid purchasing sub-standard CBD products by looking up their third-party lab testing results. This helps to establish whether or not the products contain THC, and if so, how much THC they contain.

Opting for a CBD product with low to no THC could help avoid feeling sleepy. You could also be sensitive to THC. In this case, you could...

CBD Structure

Avoid Full-Spectrum CBD

We've explored CBD isolate in detail before on Wild Hemp. It's simply a form of CBD with no added cannabinoids or terpenes. This means it doesn't contain any THC.

Many manufacturers use full-spectrum CBD in their products -- which means that these products contain trace amounts of THC. If you're sensitive to THC, this could result in feeling sleepy when you take your full-spectrum CBD oil.

Therefore, you could opt for a product made from CBD isolate instead -- like Wild Hemp's CBD gummies. We should also mention that using a product made from CBD isolate means that you might not benefit from the entourage effect.

However, if you'd like to continue to benefit from it, we'd recommend trying products made from broad-spectrum CBD. At Wild Hemp, we have a selection of broad-spectrum CBD products.

Choose from our selection of CBD Capsules and tinctures, all made from broad-spectrum CBD.

Key Takeaways

So, does CBD make you sleepy? Well, to give you a definitive answer, we'd need more research. 

Therefore, when in doubt, check your CBD products. This will help ensure that you're not accidentally consuming large doses of THC. It will also help to confirm that you're only ingesting good-quality products.

If you've experienced feelings of tiredness when consuming CBD, consider timing your doses. This will help establish when you feel drowsy. You'll be able to avoid feeling sleepy during your workday, or at other inconvenient times.

You could also avoid products made from full-spectrum CBD. This is especially helpful if you're sensitive to THC. Full-spectrum CBD can contain small amounts of THC, which could potentially result in feelings of drowsiness and exhaustion.

For a variety of good-quality CBD products, shop Wild Hemp's selection of offerings, right here. We offer free shipping on all orders.



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