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Full selection of Wild Hemp CBD Cigarillos
Wild Hemp 500mg CBD Cigarillo Blueberry Widow
Wild Hemp 500mg CBD Cigarillo Blueberry Widow Box
Wild Hemp 500mg CBD Cigarillo Lava Cake
Wild Hemp CBD Cigarillo Lava Cake Strain pack of 10 Pouches
Wild Hemp 500mg CBD Cigarillo Mango Trainwreck
Wild Hemp CBD Cigarillo Mango Trainwreck Strain Pack of 10 Pouches
Wild Hemp CBD Cigarillo Pineapple Blaze Strain Pack of 2 with Wood Tip
Wild Hemp 500mg CBD Cigarillo Pineapple Blaze
Wild Hemp CBD Cigarillo Sour Diesel Strain Pack of 10 Pouches
Wild Hemp CBD Cigarillo Sour Diesel Strain Pack of 2 with Wood Tip

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Wild Hemp
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At Wild Hemp, we’re proud to introduce our Cigarillos. They’re a great new way to smoke CBD.

  • Five different strains to choose from.
  • 250 mg of CBD and 1.5 grams of hemp flower, per Cigarillo.
  • Contains less than 0.3% THC.
  • Each pouch comes with a sturdy reusable wooden tip.

Wild Hemp’s Cigarillos — Upgrade Your Favorite Way to Smoke

At Wild Hemp, we’ve come a long way from being the first in the world to craft a CBD cigarette. We’ve streamlined the entire process, and created so many new and exciting smokable hemp products. That’s why we want to introduce you to our very own CBD cigarillos.

Rolling your own CBD blunt can be frustrating. If you’ve ever wanted to relax with a CBD blunt — without having to go through the whole rolling process, then the Wild Hemp Cigarillo is the perfect product for you. 

They come pre-rolled, for a convenient CBD experience. They’re also filled with high-quality CBD flower. This means you don’t have to grind — or even buy — flower on its own. Just enjoy a ready to use cannagar.

Furthermore, they’re available in five of the most popular strains. Many CBD enthusiasts have a certain strain that they prefer. Whether it’s down to its scent and flavor, or the qualities it’s associated with, we wanted to provide our customers with an array of options.

At Wild Hemp, we believe that you can have high quality and variety. This means that you can choose from:

  • Blueberry Widow: A sensational strain, with notes of berries and cannabis. It’s a cross between the Blueberry and the celebrated White Widow strains — so you know it’s going to be breathtaking.
  • Lava Cake: A notable dessert strain, this one smells sweet and sugary — almost like freshly baked goods. This strain is fairly rare, so consider yourself lucky if you snag it up.
  • Mango Trainwreck: A hybrid of two classic strains (Mango Kush and Trainwreck), Mango Trainwreck is the perfect blend of earthy and tropical.
  • Pineapple Blaze: Another tropical favorite, this strain combines notes of pineapple and other exotic fruits.
  • Sour Diesel: This timeless strain — a combination of Chemdawg and Super Skunk — mixes notes of pine with those of diesel. It’s that classic cannabis scent you know and love.

Like the rest of our product selection, our Cigarillos undergo third-party lab testing. This helps ensure that we only stock good-quality products, with no harmful ingredients or additives.

How Much CBD Do the Cigarillos Contain?

We’ve formulated our cigarillos with pure CBD flower. Therefore, we have to be blunt — they’re pretty high in CBD content. In fact, each Cigarillo contains up to 250 mg of CBD. Over twice the amount of CBD than most hemp cigarillos in the market! 

Furthermore, each pouch comes with two cigarillos. This means that with each pack, you’ll treat yourself to 500 mg of CBD. Speaking of CBD flower, you might want to know just how much flower our Cigarillos contain.

We’re pleased to tell you that each cigarillo contains 1.5 grams of CBD flower — all ground up, and ready to smoke. This means that each pouch contains 3 grams of CBD flower.

How Much THC Do They Contain?

As with all our other CBD products, our Wild Hemp Cigarillos contain less than 0.3% THC.

We rigorously test our products to ensure that they meet legal standards. We also provide access to our lab reports to verify this.

Do the Cigarillos Contain Nicotine?

We make our cigarillos from 100% hemp flower. This means that they don’t contain any tobacco. Therefore, unlike most blunts, they’re free from nicotine.

They also don’t contain any other harmful additives. Our meticulous testing process — done through third-party labs — helps to certify that they only contain a selection of cannabinoids and terpenes. Thus, they’re a safe way to get a good dose of CBD.

This also means that if you’re a former smoker or a non nicotine user, you can use our cigarillos, without worrying about nicotine consumption.

Do the Cigarillos Contain Indica or Sativa?

Since you’ll be smoking CBD flower, you’ll probably want to know what strains we use. Are they Indica or Sativa? Well, we’re here to tell you.

Generally, all forms of hemp flower fall under the Sativa strain. However, each of these different strains can play out differently — depending on which one you use. Therefore, using a certain strain might result in a number of different sensations.

Due to this, a strain could feel like either an Indica or a Sativa; it all comes to which strain you choose!

What’s in Each Pouch?

Each cigarillo pouch contains two cigarillos — in the flavor of your choice. They come rolled, and ready to smoke. Our pouches also contain a Wild Hemp wooden tip.

At Wild Hemp, we want to upgrade the smoking experience. With our cigarillos, we’ve eliminated the need to grind your own flower or roll your own CBD blunt. With these wooden tips, you won’t look back.

They're designed to fit perfectly with our cigarillos. This means you don’t have to worry about making filters, or fitting them into your cigarillo. They’re also designed to fit perfectly between your lips, completely revolutionizing your smoking experience.

Furthermore, at Wild Hemp, we made the conscious decision to opt for wooden tips. They're much sturdier and break less than plastic or glass tips, which can shatter and end up in your cigarillo. We also know that these tips outlast the experience of smoking a cigarillo. Therefore, we made sure to choose a biodegradable tip.

Where to Buy Wild Hemp’s Cigarillos?

You can purchase our cigarillos right here, on our website.

Our pouches are light, so you can take your cigarillos with you, on the go. You don’t have to roll your own, or worry about having extra cardboard for a filter — just light up, and inhale.

Take the stress out of the entire smoking experience with our cigarillos, when you buy your very own pouch, in one of our five different strains. Right now, Wild Hemp is offering free shipping on all orders — so make that purchase right now! 

Allow 1 business day processing time for orders placed after 10am CST. 

⚠️WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide and hemp smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to


Approximately 250 MG per cigarillo

2 CBD cigarillos per pack

1 wooden tips included per pack

Intended Use: Inhalation.

Country of Origin: USA Grown Hemp

Plant Part: Aerial parts of the Hemp plant

Transparency: We use 3rd party lab tests on every single batch that we create to make sure transparency is our number one goal. 


Ingredients: All Natural Hemp Flower 


For the latest lab results on our cigarillos click this links:



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