Which Wild Hemp CBD Tincture is Right for Me?

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Which Wild Hemp CBD Tincture is Right for Me?

At Wild Hemp, we have become known for our top-quality CBD products that offer the finest hemp extract on the market, formulated with high-end ingredients to offer all kinds of satisfying delivery methods. Among our most popular products is our line of CBD tinctures, with each individual formula offering something uniquely desirable to the user.

What are the Keys to Choosing the Right CBD Tincture?

Before we break down the different tinctures at Wild Hemp, it is important to understand the main factors that go into selecting a tincture formula to personalize your routine.  With a massive selection tinctures available on today’s market, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.  But, by simply considering the factors below, you will be able to make the best choice for your daily needs.

Factor #1: Decide What You Want Out of Your Hemp Experience

First, ask yourself what it is that you want to experience when you take your daily dose of cannabidiol and other hemp compounds. 

  • Is it a feeling of bliss?
  • A boost that gets you through the most productive hours of your day?
  • What about a formula that offers support to the body while you recover from an intense workout session?

CBD tinctures can be formulated in all kinds of ways to deliver more specific effects to the body and mind. We accomplish this by choosing select strains known for yielding distinctive properties that help us better reach our goals.

Factor #2: Decide How Potent You Want Your Doses to Be

CBD tinctures come in various milligram strengths, and this milligram strength tells us how potent our doses of the tincture will be.  We all have different needs, and some of us find that higher milligram strengths are required to feel the effects we’re seeking out, while others discover that a moderate milligram strength gives them exactly the type of experience that they’re looking for.

Factor #3: Consider the Flavor of Your Tincture

Not all CBD tinctures are flavored, but many of them are. And, it is important to find a tincture flavor that appeals to you. We do believe that naturally derived flavors have better quality and appreciation from tincture users, as they are gentle on the body compared to flavors derived from synthetic ingredients.

What Types of CBD Tinctures are Available from Wild Hemp?

All of these tinctures come in 500mg and 1000mg options, have been third-party tested for quality and purity levels, and are all made with broad spectrum hemp extract (THC-free).


Inspire, with its delicious banana and citrus flavor, is the perfect choice for anyone who could use some help with motivation, focus and creativity. We have all had those days when mentally, we feel like we’re stuck in a rut.  This formula contains a blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that can get those juices flowing so that you can feel like you’re finally in the right head space to tackle that project you’ve been putting off.


Revive is the tincture to reach for when you need a bit of a spring in your step.  We all have moments during the day when we feel fatigue setting in, or when getting burnt out and then struggling to finish a task. Revive offers a refreshing, invigorating blend of cannabinoids and terpenes that can help you get through your day. With its lime, lemon and vanilla flavor, it keeps the taste buds satiated while your senses feel awakened, and your body feels a sense of exhilaration.  Ideal for daytime use, it’s perfect for taking before work or prior to a workout.


After we have pushed our bodies to complete a workout, the recovery process begins. This is when our muscles repair themselves to become stronger, and our bodies are given a chance to rest and restore their energy levels. So many of us overlook the importance of proper recovery, which puts us at risk of burnout and injury. It is critical that we support our body’s natural self-healing mechanisms so that we can maintain a long-term fitness routine in a way that’s healthy and never draining to our resources.

Recover provides support to the body during this crucial process, while promoting a sense of balance between the body and mind that helps us feel refreshed.  With a flavor profile of pineapple and coconut, recovery never tasted so good.


Feeling stressed lately? You’re not alone. So many of us maintain busy routines and juggle pressure from all avenues of our lives. This can lead to feelings of irritability, fatigue, and low mood. Our CBD Calm tincture aims to put the mind and body at ease, allowing mother nature to soothe us so that we can restore our sense of inner bliss. 

Cannabidiol in general has a reputation for being a blissful compound, and in this tincture, CBD is supported by a variety of terpenes known for offering mellowing properties that can help us feel less agitated. It’s the ultimate tincture to take when you need to unwind, or manage an overactive, worrying mind.

Our Calm tincture has a mouthwatering strawberry flavor, and its distinctive configuration of chemical compounds is gentle on the body. This tincture is not formulated to put you to sleep, so you can take it at any moment of the day when you need a timeout.


If you’re in need of a formula that will support your sleep, then there is no better tincture than this one. Many of us have those endless nights when we are tossing and turning, due to racing thoughts, worries about the next day or general tension in the mind and the body. This formula gently relaxes you both physically and mentally while offering a unique blend of plant compounds that support the body’s innate sleep cycle.

Our Sleep formula, with its delectable blackberry and blueberry taste, can be taken just before bedtime so that it fully activates when you need it the most. Its gentle nature helps you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

Have the Right CBD Tincture Could Elevate Your Daily Routine

The large majority of us have specific goals in mind when we set out to start taking CBD. Therefore, it’s important to find a tincture formula that has what it takes to help us reach those goals in a targeted way. The line of tinctures at Wild Hemp were specially created to address individual needs, relying only on the naturally occurring compounds of the hemp plant to get us there. 

These additive-free, completely plant-based tincture formulas are refreshingly gentle on the body, deliciously flavored and easy to customize with two different milligram strengths for maximum control.



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