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Can CBD Be A Substitute For Tobacco

Smoking used to be seen as something cool and sophisticated but nowadays we’re all too aware of the downside that accompanies such a “sophisticated” activity. Tobacco consumption is one of the leading causes of severe health problems in the world and also one of the most common avoidable causes of death. Around 1 billion people smoke, or nearly 20% of the world’s population, so what can be done to reduce that?

Can CBD Help You Stop Smoking?

Quitting smoking can be one of the toughest things anyone ever does. If you’ve ever tried to quit smoking or someone close to you has then you know just hard it can be. Simply put, you need all the help you can get. Perhaps you’ve tried brands that give you the nicotine kick or simulate the feeling of holding a cigarette but not much else. Is that all there is?


Wild Hemp believed that we can create a new product with CBD flower, we created the Hempette that allows you to absorb CBD into your system. We did this using the best quality processes, excellent facilities, and CBD flowers to create Hempettes, a new product. CBD and other cannabinoids are becoming more widely used to treat an array of addictions and for pain medication. Could it also be an excellent alternative to wean you off cigarettes?

What Does the Research Say?

Like we said, CBD has been sought after to help people overcome addiction. In 2018, Freidbert Weiss published a study on the potential benefits of using CBD to overcome addiction with overwhelmingly positive results. Although the test was done on rats with regard to cocaine and alcohol addictions it indicates the potential that’s available.

There is something of a long-established belief among researchers that if they were able to manipulate the endocannabinoid system then they’d be able to combat addiction. In addition to Weiss’s test, there were two additional tests done at the University College London on the effectiveness of CBD treatments.

In the first study, twelve regular smokers were given a CBD inhaler to use any time they felt a nicotine craving while another twelve were given a placebo inhaler. What the study discovered was that those using the CBD inhaler reduced their cigarette intake by about 40% while the placebo group featured no significant change.

In the second study featuring thirty participants, each was given an 800mg oral dose of CBD or a matched placebo. The next part was quite interesting, participants were shown “pictorial tobacco cues” which represented the real-life “tobacco cues” that would cause a smoker to reach for another cigarette or situations that would cause a nicotine urge such as parties or drinking or a group of friends smoking. Interestingly the 800mg dose of CBD was able to reduce the “pleasantness” of a cigarette to a much greater degree than the placebo group.

Group of small hemp plants

How does CBD achieve this?

Quitting smoking is more than just overcoming a physical addiction. It’s also about breaking a habit that is biologically reinforced by endorphin release. Naturally, this is incredibly difficult and stressful for the person trying to quit smoking. Some replacements for smoking include items that the reformed smoker can just hold to replicate the feeling of holding a cigarette, but of course, there isn’t as much stress relief in their body.

Smokers often keep smoking just because they enjoy the act of inhaling a substance to help them relax. Smoking CBD or absorbing CBD tinctures could relieve this kind of anxiety and stress significantly in a way that’s beneficial to the body.

How to Use CBD to Quit Smoking

The fact is there are now a plethora of ways you can try to kick the smoking habit. Using cannabis is by no means a modern idea. People have been replacing their nicotine habits with cannabis for years. The THC present in cannabis, in addition to the CBD, creates a reduced feeling of anxiety and stress that is incomparable for some. It’s understandable, though depending on where you are in the world, the kind of laws in your area, and the kind of job you might hold that smoking cannabis isn’t really something people can do daily.

That’s why it’s important to remember that CBD is different from regular cannabis in that it doesn’t qualify as psychoactive because it doesn’t make you ‘high’. But at the same time, it still provides many of the same benefits you can get from regular cannabis. CBD oil is derived from hemp and, by law, can contain only up to 0.3% THC.

Scientist doing tests of CBD flower

This is the rule of thumb for most countries around the world. However, there are a lot of options out there from online retailers so it’s important to be mindful of where your product is coming from both in terms of country and if it is CBD oil or hemp oil which are very different.

Replacing Smoking through Replication

Like we mentioned earlier, many of the ways to break out of the habit of smoking are based on the idea of replacing regular tobacco smoking with something that is similar but less harmful like CBD cigarettes. Smoking can be for many people, not just an addiction, but simply a way to sit down and rewind.

That’s why vaping has taken off in such a big way. But e-cigarettes often contain nicotine and its been suggested can be just as bad if used frequently. Smoking or inhaling CBD is a far more effective way of quitting smoking by providing the user with something that provides a similar physical experience.



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