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How Does Cannabis Benefit The Environment?

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Could Cannabis Derived Hemp Save The Planet? 

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The cannabis genus is commonly divided up into three species - Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis. Cannabis Sativa L is a specific type of cannabis called Hemp. Hemp has been shown to be beneficial to the environment in a number of ways.
How Does Hemp Benefit Our Environment? Could Hemp Save Our Planet?
Let's dive in.... 

The Benefits of Hemp

One of the key members of the Cannabis family, hemp is one of the most versatile crops around. Hemp's benefits are becoming more and more well known over the last several years. It is an excellent alternative for many materials we use today, and can even benefit the environment in many ways.

Hemp has been utilized since the Stone Age. Hemp, however, was banned in The United States in 1937. The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 (2018 Farm Bill) changed that by it allowing the production of hemp and removing hemp from the Drug Enforcement Administration's (DEA) schedule of Controlled Substances. 

Now, we are able to fully harness the benefits of hemp, and perhaps contribute to making the world a better place in the process. Here, we are going to discuss some of those benefits.

Hemp Paper

Why is hemp paper a better alternative to tree paper?

hemp leaf paper

Well.. on average, trees are 10-30 years old before they are used for paper. Hemp, on the other hand, takes 60-90 days to reach maturity. Hemp paper can also be recycled up to seven times, as compared to tree paper, which can only be recycled up to three times, if that. Truth Initiative (2018). 

By producing more hemp paper we can help to slow the spread of deforestation. Hemp paper is much more durable than wood paper because of its strong cellulose fibers and has been known to last up to 400 years. Not to mention, processing hemp paper requires fewer and less toxic chemicals than wood paper, and it does not yellow.  

Hemp Building Materials

What type of building materials can be made from hemp?


Have you heard of...Hempcrete?! It is an excellent alternative to concrete and is made of industrial hemp which lighter than traditional concrete and just as sturdy.. and also known to be stronger than steel! It also is more environmentally friendly than traditional building materials and could even lower the costs of housing.

Hemp can actually be used as an alternative to plastic, metal, carpet, wood, insulation, and steel. They have even made cars out of hemp! It is breathable, non-toxic, mold and pest resistant, and lasts for hundreds of years. Truth Initiative (2018). 

Hemp Fabrics & Textiles

Is hemp really better than cotton?

hemp fabric

Hemp is has been used over the centuries to make clothing, rope, and canvas. It is made using the fibers of the Cannabis sativa plant. It is four times as durable as other natural fibers. It is actually known to be stronger than wood fiber. Hemp is a great material for clothing is also resistant to odor, absorbent, very breathable, and even protects you from UV rays. A fun fact is that hemp is also fire resistant. 

Hemp Plastics

Are hemp plastics better for the environment?

everything plastic can be made from hemp

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One of the things that makes hemp unique is its organic hemp cellulose fibers. It is easily biodegradable and stronger than typical plastic. It is an all natural alternative to petrochemicals (oil-based-plastic), and you also won't have to worry about things like BPA exposure. Hemp plastics are very versatile and reusable, and also heat resistant so they are great material for cookware.

Hemp Seed

How does hemp seed help the environment?

hemp seed oil

Hemp is known as "nature's purifier" because it helps to improve soil by removing toxins & heavy metals, giving shade, and helping to restore the soil by making it more fertile. They are known to be a great rotation crop. Hemp plants are very efficient at pulling carbon dioxide from the air. To top that, they are also resistant to disease and pests, and bee friendly! Therefore, they do not require many, if any, toxic chemicals or pesticides. These are just a few reason's why the hemp plant is a farmer's favorite.  

Did you know that hemp could also be as a fuel alternative? Today, hemp can be made into biodiesel by pressing the hemp seed into oil, and the fermented stalk can be made into ethanol and methanol. Therefore, it could aid our dependence on fossil fuels. Truth Initiative (2018). 

To sum it up, hemp is a great alternative as compared to many materials we use today, and hopefully we will move to implementing hemp more and more into our lives in the future! 


Hemp Could Save The Planet
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