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How to seal a hemp wrap?

There are endless articles out there about how to roll a hemp blunt wrap, but very few mention how to exactly seal a hemp wrap. Good thing the process is simple, and easy to learn. We will go over a few ways you can seal a hemp wrap for a perfect cannabis smoke!

1. Don't overpack the hemp wraps

The first thing you need to do is not over pack the hemp wrap. When you over pack the hemp wrap, it makes it hard to fold the hemp wrap around. You want to make sure the hemp wrap closes completely, while still holding the herbal material inside firmly. You do not want to under pack either because that gives you less room to fill with your herbal material. So, the best thing to do is find that balance by filling the wrap with a moderate amount of herbal material before you roll it.

 How to seal a hemp wrap?

2. Lick the edge of the hemp wrap

After you have the proper amount of herbal material in your hemp wrap, roll the wrap around. You must lick the edge then fold that edge onto itself. Just as easy as licking an envelope! The only issue is that since the hemp wrap has no glue on the edge, you must make the edges stick by using some heating element.


3. Apply heat on the seal of the hemp wrap


The most common way to heat and seal your hemp wrap is by using a lighter. Just apply the fire against the edge, but make sure you do not burn the sides. Keep the flame near but not on the wrap.



Another tick some people use is to put the hemp wrap blunt into the microwave for a couple of seconds to heat the edge and seal it. The reasons some smokers like this method is they say it gives a more even temperature and seals the hemp wrap well.



Last but not least, the most natural and free way to seal your hemp wraps is by sitting the blunt out in the sun with the sealed edge side of the hemp wrap blunt facing the sun. Though this is the OG way to seal a hemp wrap, and require no lighter or technology, this process is very inefficient. The sun might not burn the edges evenly or in a way that is optimal. Moreover, it would take a very long time compared to a couple seconds using a lighter or microwave. Though quite impractical, it is fun to include and see how many people end up trying this!


How hemp wrap designs affect how it seals?

Most hemp wraps have a rectangular shape with all straight edges. This is the classic shape that many know and roll with. However, there are some hemp wraps out there that have a waved edge. A waved edge hemp wrap is easier to roll because you can lick every individual wave to seal the hemp wrap blunt in a more structural manor. You can learn more about waved edge hemp wraps here.



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