Lit Hemp Wraps and Lit Fireworks: how to Celebrate July 4th, 2022! – Wild Hemp

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Lit Hemp Wraps and Lit Fireworks: how to Celebrate July 4th, 2022!

There is no better way to celebrate America’s independence than by rolling up and lighting a blunt! That is why we recommend our Hemp Wraps to help you party this Fourth of July. 

            We at Wild Hemp have been pioneers in the smokable hemp game ever since we invented the first CBD cigarettes in the world. All of our success is due to the fact that we actually study how smokers behave and have fun, then incorporate all of that research into our design process. We found that one of the most frustrating steps in the blunt smoking experience is rolling the blunt, and the most frustrating part about rolling a blunt is getting the wrap to properly stick and close once filled. That is why we cut one side of our wraps with a waved-edge pattern, which makes it so much easier to lick and stick your hemp wrap around your herbs. I can fit so much more in these hemp wraps, just because I can close it at the end with ease.

            Also, the flavors that the Wild Hemp wraps come in are perfect compliments for your Fourth of July barbecue, beer, or buds! Original is our most popular, and perfect if you want to really taste the flower that you are smoking. If you have a sweet tooth, you must try our Sweetz flavor; and if you are obsessed with sour, our Limeade will instantly become your favorite. We even have a couple flavors dedicated to this summer season: Island Twist and Tropical Buzz. You can check out the rest of our flavors and more about our hemp wraps here: Wild Hemp Wraps.



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