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How long does a CBD cigarette stay in your system?

Smoking CBD cigarettes is many people’s favorite way to consume their CBD. Even though we can check the lab reports for how much CBD is in a hemp cigarette, it is hard to know exactly how much CBD is absorbed after smoking a CBD cigarette and how long does the CBD stay in your body. To make things less confusing, we at Wild Hemp have broken down the exact science of CBD absorption to answer your question: How long does a CBD cigarette stay in your system?

Factors that affect CBD absorption

CBD absorption depends on what form the CBD comes in, and where the CBD is being absorbed in the body.

There are four main forms that CBD comes in:
1. Liquid (such as CBD tinctures and CBD seltzers)
2. Edibles (such as CBD gummies and CBD brownies)
3. Topicals (such as CBD lotion and CBD massage oil)
4. Smoke/Vape (such as CBD cigarettes and hemp flower)

Explanation: The absorption of liquid CBD can vary greatly because some tinctures such as water soluble – which makes CBD much easier to absorb in your system. CBD edibles tend to absorb slower than liquid CBD because it takes your digestive tract more work to break down and consume the CBD. Topical CBD is even slower because the CBD must absorb through your skin. Lastly, smoking such as CBD cigarette is the fastest way to absorb any cannabinoid, even CBD.

There are three main organs in your body that absorb CBD:
1. Your digestive tract
2. Your skin
3. Your lungs

Explanation: Though CBD absorbs into the skin quickly, it spreads to the rest of your body relatively slower. CBD edibles have the opposite characteristics, where it takes longer to absorb into the digestive tract, but spreads throughout the body faster. Lastly, smoking a CBD cigarette lets the lungs absorb the CBD immediately and spread throughout the body quick. This makes CBD cigarettes the quickest way to consume CBD.

How much CBD in a CBD cigarettes?

The amount of CBD in a CBD can vary depending on the brand. We can use the Hempette® as the standard since it is the first and most popular CBD cigarette in the world. The Hempette® has anywhere between 75mg to 100mg of CBD. So, after smoking one CBD cigarette, you should be absorbing most of that 75mg to 100mg of CBD.

CBD cigarettes
So, how long does CBD from the CBD cigarette to stay in your body?

A reasonable estimate for how long CBD from a CBD cigarette stays in your system is a week. However, this is a very general estimate, since it depends on how much CBD cigarettes you smoke, and the way your individual body absorbs CBD from smoking a CBD cigarette.

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