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CBD Vape Oil: The Comprehensive Guide (2022)

There are lots of different ways to experience the effects of cannabidiol and other popular compounds in the hemp plant, but it’s clear that a huge portion of hemp enthusiasts like to take their CBD in vape oil form.  Vaping is a distinctive delivery method that allows us to inhale the compounds directly into the lungs for fast and effective absorption, and with so many unique vaping products available on today’s market, just about every customer need can be satisfied.

Now, since CBD vape oil is more widely available than before, and this means that beginners have to make more choices when it comes to what they purchase.  Luckily, it is simple to find a CBD e-liquid that works with your needs since there are a lot of components that you can customize, such as potency level, flavor, and more.  Paying close attention to these things can help ensure that you end up with an ideal CBD vaping routine.

What is CBD Vape Oil?

CBD vape oil refers to any type of e-liquid that contains a cannabidiol-based extract as its primary active ingredient.  It’s an oily liquid made specially for vaping purposes, as the liquid is poured into a vape tank or cartridge.  When the cartridge is fed heat from the battery, it turns the liquid into vapor that’s inhaled into the lungs.

Vape oils offer a distinctive type of delivery method known as inhalation, and it’s known for being a particularly efficient delivery method.  What this means is that a couple of puffs of a CBD vape juice will offer the fastest-acting and strongest effects out of any type of CBD product made with a hemp extract.

What Types of CBD Vape Oil Products are Available?

CBD vape oils can vary based on a number of factors.  While they all serve the same function of converting into inhalable vapor, they can differ in all kinds of ways that are important to understand as a consumer.

  • Cartridges: CBD vape cartridges are disposable cartridges pre-filled with vape oil by the company. They attach to any 510-threaded low-wattage vape pen device and are very easy to use as no refilling or maintenance is required.
  • Disposables: Disposable devices are an even more user-friendly option. These consist of a pre-assembled battery and pre-filled cartridge, and the battery comes fully charged, lasting for as long as the liquid in the cart so that no recharging is necessary.
  • Bottled Vape Oil: Bottled vape oil is made for more advanced vaping setups that use some type of tank or refillable cartridge. It’s simply CBD vape oil that comes in a fairly large bottle with some form of a dropper cap that allows the liquid to easily be poured into the device’s atomizer.

Now, we can cover other ways in which vape oils can differ from one another.

#1: Different Milligram Strengths

The milligram strength can vary between different CBD vape oils, reflecting how many total milligrams of hemp extract are in the formula compared to other ingredients.  This number therefore tells you how potent each hit will be.  The average milligram per puff is between 5 and 10 milligrams.

#2: Different Strains

Most companies offer CBD vape oils in a variety of strains, referring to the distinctive terpene profiles found in the formulas.  The exception would be CBD isolate vape oils, which contain only cannabidiol.  Broad and full spectrum vape oils offer the full array of terpenes as they occur in the plant, and as each terpene has its own effects, different strains can promote different kinds of experiences.

#3: Different Flavors

Many CBD vape oils are flavored, and this can allow a product to be even more appealing as many flavors out there are absolutely delicious.  Some unflavored vape oils exist as well, but again, if you choose a broad or full spectrum CBD vape oil, expect to taste the natural flavor of hemp terpenes.

#4: Different Ingredients

CBD vape oils can be made with different ingredients depending on the company.  Some companies only use pure hemp extract without any additives or dilution agents.  Other companies dilute the hemp extract with MCT oil, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin or a combination of these ingredients.

How is CBD Vape Oil Used?

CBD vape oil is a very user-friendly option as using this product is simply a matter of operating a vaping device and taking the desired number of puffs.  When you inhale the vapor from this product, make sure to inhale deeply so that the compounds of the hemp plant make full contact with the lungs for maximum absorption, and therefore, maximum results.

How Much Vape Oil Should You Vape?

The amount you should vape is really up to you, as it depends on how strongly you want to feel the effects of CBD.  We recommend that a beginner starts with just one puff.  The effects will take place within minutes, so you won’t have to sit around wondering what one puff will feel like.  The effects tend to last for about an hour, but even so, if you take too much as a beginner you may feel a little sleepy due to a low tolerance to cannabinoids of the hemp plant.

The average dose is 1 to 4 puffs, which depends again on how strongly the effects are desired, and also how strong the milligram strength is, as there is a big difference between, say, 1 puff that’s 5 milligrams and 1 puff that’s 20 milligrams. 

Choosing the Best CBD Vape Oil for Your Needs

The key to a successful CBD vape routine is undoubtedly knowing how to choose a vape oil.  But, as a beginner, how do you know what’s right for you?  We recommend going with a user-friendly product in the beginning such as a cartridge that doesn’t require any kind of advanced technology to operate.  Choose a fairly low milligram strength so you can ease yourself into the effects of cannabidiol.  And, of course, pick a flavor that appeals to you if you want a flavored vape oil, as this will make the entire vaping experience as enjoyable as possible.

If a vape oil you’re interested in comes in a variety of strains, a quick Google search will help you learn more about the effects of each strain so you can decide which best matches your specific goals.



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