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8 Things to Look for in a Quality Hemp Wrap

There is an array of unique ways to incorporate hemp into our daily routines, ranging from gummies to tinctures, to even smoking or vaping CBD.  It has become clear though, that a good number of hemp enthusiasts want nothing more than the pure, raw buds of the hemp plant in all of their unadulterated glory, which is why CBD flower is fast-becoming the preferred method among serious hemp lovers.

But, if you’re going to smoke raw flower, you need a mechanism to hold the flower or else you can’t smoke it. Hemp wraps are the answer to this, as they act like papers that hold the flower inside of them so that you can enjoy them easily and effortlessly. 

Are All Hemp Wraps Created Equally?

Hemp wraps can be made from all kinds of different materials, ranging from tobacco leaves (blunt wraps) which contain nicotine to standard paper wraps that look and feel just like cigarettes when the flower is inserted.  More importantly, the quality can vary from one product to another, which is particularly important. 

After all, with a hemp wrap, you’re inhaling not only the flower but the paper as well, so you need to know exactly what’s in that paper to be aware of what you’re putting into your body.

What to Look for When Shopping for a Hemp Wrap

The best way to provide a guide to buying a high-quality hemp wrap is to offer a basic checklist of things to look for, so pay close attention.

#1: Nicotine and Tobacco Free

While blunt wraps may sound appealing at first, you really should avoid them completely.  They are made from tobacco, which means that they contain nicotine, an addictive chemical, on top of potentially harmful compounds that are associated with the plant.  This can lead to an addiction while also introducing toxic compounds into your body, which is anything but desirable.  Further, inhaling tobacco changes your hemp experience, potentially making you feel dizzy or wired when most of us use CBD to relax.

#2: Durability

A lot of cheaper hemp wraps on the market are priced that way because they’re low quality in terms of durability.  If you’ve ever used cheap papers, you know what we’re talking about.  To get a decent roll, you need to tug on the papers, and if they tear, then it is game over.  You need a durable, strong paper that is thin enough to roll easily, but thick enough to not rip apart each time you are in the mood for a nice smoke.

#3: Size

Hemp wraps are available in different sizes, and this comes down to personal preference depending on how big you want your roll to be.  For instance, if you only like to take a few puffs of flower at a time, a smaller wrap may be better for you.  A larger wrap allows you to fit in more flower so that you can enjoy a more intense CBD session or use the same wrap at different times throughout the day.

#4: Quality of Materials

The quality of the materials matters a great deal, especially when it comes to your wellbeing.  Some materials are chemically treated with compounds that ultimately aren’t great for us to inhale on a daily basis, and this is especially true of papers that have been bleached through synthetic means.  Look at the material from which a hemp wrap is derived before buying it, to make sure that it’s not associated with any negative effects when inhaled into the lungs.

#5: A Trustworthy Company

Of course, you want to buy hemp wraps from a company that has a good reputation in the hemp industry.  This way, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing that the product is high in quality, and that the company uses safe practices when producing their wraps.  Do some research by looking for reviews on a company’s website, and search around on the internet to learn more about them.

#6: Quantity

Hemp wraps come in different quantity levels, and you can buy anywhere from a single wrap to over 100 packaged neatly in one small pouch or container.  How often you smoke determines how many wraps you’ll want to buy at once, because over-buying can mean that the wraps are no longer fresh before you finish them and buying too little can mean that you’re constantly taking time out of your day to restock your supply. 

#7: Slow Burn

Hemp wraps should be slow-burning, so that you can actually savor each hit.  The faster that the wrap burns, the faster you need to smoke it to actually make the most of your flower.  Slow-burning wraps allow you to take your time as you smoke, and also promote an even and smooth burn.

#8: A Variety of Flavors

Hemp wraps can be flavored or unflavored, but ultimately, having a variety of flavors to choose from is a good thing.  This allows you to customize your hemp routine to really satisfy your unique tastes and preferences.  Make sure that the flavoring used, however, is of a good quality because again, what you inhale into your lungs matters.

Wild Hemp is the Ultimate Choice for Flower Lovers

The Hemp Wraps at Wild Hemp are, simply put, among the absolute best on the market.  We went above and beyond to offer a solution to rolling your flower, making sure that it checks all of the boxes. 

For one thing, our wraps are made from real hemp leaf.  It doesn’t get any more natural than that, does it?  What this means is that each puff gives you additional useful hemp compounds from the wrap itself, while acting as a clean option that you already know can be inhaled daily with no known ill effects.  This also means that these wraps are completely free of nicotine or any other tobacco compounds.

Our wraps were designed to be user-friendly compared to others on the market.  For your convenience, they are already rolled, so that you can just insert your ground up flower without having to do any of the actual rolling yourself.  We know that even experienced hemp smokers can be nervous about rolling out of fear of ripping the paper.  These wraps do that work for you so you can sit back and enjoy.

On top of that, each wrap comes with a filter that can be inserted at the end so that you don’t end up with ground up bits of flower in your mouth.  This filter goes further to ensure smoother inhales that are less harsh on the throat, and more pleasurable overall.

Our Hemp Wraps come in six distinctive flavors which are all naturally derived:

  • Natural: Pure, natural hemp flavor without any additional flavoring components, for those who wish to taste the unique terpene profile of their CBD flower strain
  • Sweetz: A sweet and sugary taste that makes you want to lick your lips each time you take a puff
  • Purpz: Glorious grapes in all of their bright, juicy and sweet glory
  • Island Twist: The mouthwatering taste of a pina colada with notes of pineapple and coconut
  • Tropical Buzz: Fresh, juicy mango that complements the taste of CBD flower beautifully
  • Limeade: Sweet and tangy citrus to exhilarate your senses with each hit of hemp
So, if you’re a fan of rolling your own, Wild Hemp’s Hemp Wraps are the best option for convenience, quality, and flavor.  With 80 wraps in each package, you will be in for a whole lot of exceptional CBD smoking sessions for a long time to come.



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