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Wild Hemp
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Wild Hemp Wraps with wooden filter tip
Natural Wild Hemp Wraps Box with wooden filter tip
Sweetz Wild Hemp Wraps Box with wooden filter tip
Purpz Wild Hemp Wraps Box with wooden filter tip
Island Twist Wild Hemp Wraps Box with wooden filter tip
Tropical Buzz Wild Hemp Wraps Box with wooden filter tip
Limeaide Wild Hemp Wraps Box with wooden filter tip

Hemp Wraps (80 per Box)

Wild Hemp
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Our Hemp Wraps are ready for you to simply add your Hemp and enjoy the delicious flavors

  • 100% Natural Hemp
  • 80 Individual Wraps per Box
  • Comes in 6 tasty flavors
  • Includes 80 Wild Hemp Filters per Box
  • Slow Burning
  • No Tobacco or Nicotine


Wild Hemp Wraps Adding Flavor to Your Next Smoke. 

Our high quality Hemp Wraps are made from 100% natural hemp. Fed up with the harsh taste of conventional rolling papers? Our slow-burning hemp wraps make rolling your next smoke simple, with an incredible taste.

There's no tobacco or nicotine here - just 100% organic non GMO hemp to help you roll your own way. Each wrap also comes with a premium filter.

Rolling your own blunt can be boring when they taste the same every day. They're not always easy to roll, either. Our hemp wraps are ready for you to fill. With so many flavors to choose from, you'll never get bored of the taste. 

Wild Hemp Hemp Wraps come in 6 delicious terpene-based flavor profiles:

  • - Natural: For people who want to keep it, well, natural, try this hemp-based wrap flavor. 
  • - Sweetz: If you're a fan of our Hempettes, you'll love this sweet, familiar sensation. 
  • - Purpz: Enjoy the delectable taste of grape in this Hemp Wrap. 
  • - Island Twist: Bring the island vibes to you with this lush Pina Colada flavored wrap. 
  • - Tropical Buzz: Infuse your smoking experience with the mellow taste of mango. 
  • - Limeade : If you like citrus, this wrap is a tempting combination of lemon, lime, and citrus and could be your new favorite. 

How Much CBD Is in Wild Hemp Hemp Wraps?

You might be surprised to learn that our Hemp Wraps are completely free from CBD. They also don't contain any THC, so you can smoke safely.

These wraps are made for you to roll your own way. Add some CBD flower -- whatever you like, and smoke it however you like! The decision is entirely yours.

Our wraps don't contain any nicotine or tobacco, either. It really is a blank canvas!

What Are These Wraps, Exactly?

We've all been there -- you're in the mood for a blunt, but you don't want to roll it yourself. It's time-consuming, and having to do it yourself can be a real buzzkill. It's also bothersome when you find out you've run out of rolling paper.

Smoking a blunt shouldn't be that complicated. At Wild Hemp, we want to simplify the entire process. We did this by coming up with our very own Hemp Wraps -- but what are they, exactly?

These wraps are simply pre-rolled blunt wrappers. Of course, you still have to do a little bit of work. For instance, you have to insert the filter, and add your filling of choice. Still, with six delicious flavors to choose from, you know it'll be worth it.

Our wraps also come with premium filters, making your smoking experience that much easier. Furthermore, they're made from 100% hemp. It's all-natural, with no added nastiness.

These wraps are slow-burning, so you can take your time with every blunt. Each box comes with 80 individual wraps, retailing at $19.80. Get your box today!

100% Hemp Wraps

When it comes to wraps, you'll want to keep things natural. After all, natural wraps make for a much cleaner hit.

Our wraps are made with 100% hemp -- it doesn't get any better than that. This hemp is sourced from Colorado and Oregon, and cultivated with no added pesticides or chemicals.

They're made to give you a smooth, near-immaculate smoking experience.

When rolling with our Hemp Wraps, you might experience some dryness in the wrap itself. This is completely natural, as hemp itself is a dry plant. Furthermore, we don't coat our wraps with chemicals to keep them moist.

For best possible results, store your hemp anywhere between 60 - 90°F, in a low-humidity area. This will help keep your wraps ready to roll, whenever you are.

How to Roll Hemp Wraps?

We've streamlined the process, completely changing up your rolling game. Here's how to use our hemp wraps:

  1. 1. Remove your wrap from its packaging, and unroll it.
  2. 2. Insert the filter and hold it in place.
  3. 3. Fill up the Hemp Wrap with your CBD flower.
  4. 4. Seal it, and light it up.

With Wild Hemp's Hemp Wraps, it really is that simple!

Where To Buy Our Wraps

You can purchase our Hemp Wraps right here, on the Wild Hemp website.

Each box retails for $19.80, and comes with 80 individual wraps in the flavor of your choice. This totals up to just 99 cents per wrap -- a total bargain for the quality you're getting!

We've divided our boxes into 20 packs of four individually packaged wraps. This makes it easy to take them with you, wherever you go. Our wraps also come with premium filters, so you don't have to make your own.

Easy-rolling, right at your fingertips with Wild Hemp's Hemp Wraps. Right now, we're offering free shipping on all orders, so get your box of wraps today!

Allow 1 business day processing time for orders placed after 10am CST. 

⚠️WARNING:This product can expose you to chemicals including carbon monoxide and hemp smoke, which are known to the State of California to cause cancer and reproductive harm. For more information go to  https://www.p65warnings.ca.gov/


Our wraps are made from 100% American Grown Hemp, using terpene flavors.

Each Hemp wrap comes with a filter and is pre-rolled for ease of use. 

80 individual wraps per box. 

20 packs of 4 individual wraps per box, easy to take on the go. 

Intended Use: Add your own flower, roll and smoke/inhale.

Country of Origin: USA Grown Hemp


Ingredients: 100% Hemp.
Cardboard Crush Filters. 


Lab test not required. This product is made from 100% Hemp. 


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