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Top 5 New Years Resolutions 2022

As we wrap up the year 2021, many of us are reflecting on our year or participating in the most common New Year's tradition, resolution making. We surveyed our customers and used 3rd party research to find the top 5 new year’s resolutions for 2022. Here are some tips and tricks to help you achieve them!


1. Healthy Living

One of the most common resolutions each year is committing to a healthier lifestyle. For some, this may look like meal planning, implementing a healthier diet or going to your local gym. Often, these resolutions are made, but not as commonly kept. For example, a 2021 study conducted among adults in the United States gathered that 50 percent of respondents wanted to commit to engaging in more daily exercise and healthier eating habits. But, from this sample, only a small variety stuck to it. Why is this?

The pressure of committing to a long-term goal or resolution can be extremely anxiety inducing. One way to get ahead of those bouts of anxiety is to utilize our Wild Hemp CBD Recovery Tinctures in your workout routine. Our Recovery Tincture is an easy-to-use liquid that can be dropped under the tongue or mixed in drinks daily. The recovery tincture can help ease the mind when tackling those big new year's resolutions or to even soothe ailments after a long workout. You can learn more by clicking here.


2. Finances

Making and saving more money is a goal that many of us share, and what better time to implement these habits than at the fresh start of a new year! The first step to better finances is to establish a budget. Establishing a budget can be done in many ways such as, downloading a budgeting app or even budget with cash in envelopes.

We can also practice saving in even simpler ways through creating a shopping list or weekly meal plans. But, to save money, we must also gain it! Today’s day and age allows us to be our own bosses and increase income by utilizing apps and other services like delivery and shopping applications.


3. Quit tobacco Smoking

As many of us know, smoking tobacco is an extremely harmful act that many partake in. As of 2020 The World Health Organization recorded in a recent study that the global tobacco epidemic emerging through electronic nicotine delivery systems has killed 7 million people. These deaths include inflammation, cell damage and lung cancer. Another harmful smoking habit stems from the use of modern-day nicotine devices. These devices include potentially damaging ingredients. Often, giving up the days of tobacco smoking is far easier said than done.

However, some alternatives that can make this transition easier include our Wild Hemp Hempettes and CBD vapes. Our Hempettes soothe the urge to smoke while also being without addictive, intoxicating and unnatural ingredients. CBD vapes are also a more natural alternative to electronic nicotine devices that are fueled with cannabis-based oils. These oils bypass the lungs and diffuse directly into the bloodstream leaving a smooth finish. You can learn more by clicking here.


4. Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Everyday life can become very stress and anxiety inducing, this can stem from the mind, body, or external pressures. Often, these triggers can come from instances of big change, loss of control, inadequate work activities or positive life changes. Regardless, stress and anxiety can inflict many physical symptoms.  One study conducted by Healthline lists some of these symptoms as stomach pain, headache, and insomnia. Unfortunately, there is a stigma around mental illness and anxiety, but promoting healthy conversation can reduce that stigma.

Although recovering from anxiety and stress is a journey, there are ways people cope with these troublesome symptoms in everyday life. Wild Hemp’s Calm tincture is a broad-spectrum hemp extract promotes a holistic sense of calm. This CBD tincture can be found by clicking here.

Wild Hemp 2022 New Years Resolution

5. Spend more time doing things you love

While going through the motions of everyday activities, it is easy to forget the importance of doing the things we as humans love the most. We often dedicate a large amount of our time to work, school and other important duties. But, amid these tasks it is also important to take time doing the things we find joy in. For example, It is easy to neglect our relationships without even realizing it. But, maintaining the relationships we care about the most is key to living a happy everyday life. We all find ourselves needing a break from the taxing tasks we often deal with. It is highly important to remember to take those much-needed breaks through vacations or taking the time to travel where we feel most happy. Spending time doing the things you love can also mean reigniting that spark we have between us and the hobbies we love. Take the time this new year to find a balance between everyday life and the things that mean the most.



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