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5 Juicy Hemp Wraps tips to have you rolling blunts like an expert

Rolling the perfect hemp wrap blunt shouldn’t be a chore, but rather an easy process that makes smoking your hemp flower or legal herbal blend accessible and enjoyable. For those rolling their first blunt, to experienced smokers, there are several tips to keep in mind in order to achieve an even, smooth, and satisfying smoke, without hassle. These tips will have you rolling like an expert.  


The first tip for a successful smoke, before even employing the hemp wrap, is to properly prepare your hemp flower. It is extremely beneficial to remove the seeds and stems from your flower in order to achieve a safer smoking experience. The seeds and stems are both easily spottable and should be removed to avoid several unwanted side effects. The higher burning temperature of these parts of the plant can cause burning of the throat and lungs, which is most definitely something any smoker would want to avoid.

On top of this, the seeds and stems will negatively impact the texture and coarseness of the grind, resulting in a smoke that is not as smooth and that could potentially have some unwanted popping. Needless to say, it is better to remove the seeds and stems just in case.

Next, grind up your hemp flower or legal herbal blend. Using a grinder can ensure an even coarseness that will give you a consistent burn, allowing you to enjoy your smooth smoking experience as long as possible. Lastly, Be sure to avoid making your flower too fine because this makes it more susceptible to burning too quickly or falling out of the wrap.



The last thing you want when smoking your hemp wrap blunt is to end up with pieces of hemp flower in your mouth. This is why using a filter is necessary, or rather crucial, to rolling an expert blunt. Fortunately, Wild Hemp’s juicy hemp wraps include a filter with each wrap, perfectly and conveniently equipping you with the tools to pair with your legal herbal blend.

A filter will not only keep those unwanted flower pieces out of your mouth, but will also permit smoother inhales that are less harsh on the throat. To use the filter, you will place it at whichever end of the hemp wrap you would like, hold it in place, and proceed with filling and rolling the hemp blunt.



Rolling a hemp wrap blunt is the classic Goldilocks situation: you should not overpack or underpack your hemp wrap blunt, but should instead aim for the fill that is just right for reaching the smoothest smoke possible. There isn’t necessarily the perfect amount that you should add to your hemp wrap blunt, however, there are certain ways to avoid over or underpacking.

Overpacking a hemp wrap blunt can lead to a ruined smoking experience in several ways. The wrap itself can tear, letting the smoke filter out of the blunt rather than into your inhale. Oppositely, an overpacked wrap can result in zero airflow, leading to less smoke and more effort on your part to inhale the smoke. To avoid these undesirable circumstances, tap your hemp wrap blunt a few times. If it feels solid upon tapping, it is likely overfilled.

Underpacking a hemp wrap blunt can be just as detrimental to one’s smoking experience. An under-packed wrap causes too much airflow, so you won’t get much smoke with each draw. The hemp flower is also liable to fall out of the wrap if it is under-packed. Another potential downfall from an under-packed hemp wrap blunt is that the wrap itself will burn faster than the hemp flower, so unfortunately your roll may finish burning before you are finished enjoying your smoke. To avoid these annoyances, look out for a shapeless or very thin blunt that has hemp flower falling out or the wrap burning instead of the flower. These are telltale signs of an under-packed hemp wrap blunt.



Similar to step three, you want to ensure a happy medium when it comes to how tightly you wrap your hemp wrap blunt. To attain the perfect smoke, your wrap should neither be too tight nor too loose. If the hemp wrap blunt is rolled too loosely, your hemp flower will fall out. If your blunt is wrapped too tightly, there is virtually zero airflow, which again leads to less smoke and or more strain on your part for a good draw. You do not want a hemp wrap blunt that is too dense! Instead, aim for a wrap that holds its shape, is evenly filled with your legal herbal blend, and allows adequate airflow. This will give you an enjoyable and hassle-free smoke.



Now that your grind is the ideal coarseness and your filter is secured in a secure yet not too tight roll, you can finally light your hemp wrap blunt. The fifth and final tip that will have you rolling like an expert is to evenly burn the end from the beginning. The reason behind this tip is to make sure that your blunt doesn’t burn at an uneven rate, meaning one side burns faster than another. That can lead to an uncomfortable mess. By evenly burning the end of your blunt from the very beginning of your smoke, you can draw out your enjoyment of your smoke as long as you desire.

The best way to evenly burn the end is by doing three simple things. First, make sure your grind is even (refer to tip number one). Second, rotate your blunt while lighting, as one would do to light a cigar. Finally, don’t take too heavy of puffs on your first few inhales. These few tips should make your next rolling experience successful and satisfying.



Now that you are ready to roll a hemp wrap blunt like an expert, Wild Hemp is here to provide you with a durable, slow-burning, and flavorful hemp wrap to take your hemp wrap blunt to the next level. At Wild Hemp, we aim to provide you with hemp wraps that are everything a good wrap should be and more, which is a big part of why Wild Hemp’s juicy hemp wraps are some of the best and most natural wraps on the market. 

For starters, our hemp wraps are made with 100% natural hemp leaf with no added nicotine, tobacco, CBD, or chemicals. We want your smoking experience to be enjoyable, but also as safe and as pure as possible. Often, blunt wraps contain the addictive and toxic components of tobacco and nicotine. These components can alter your smoke by clouding your experience with a wired or groggy feeling rather than the relaxation you are likely aiming for with your legal herbal blend. Wild Hemp’s intention is to give you wraps that enhance your smoke thanks to the useful elements of the hemp wraps themselves, on top of their herbal filling.

Along with this, the filters provided with each wrap are sustainably made from cardboard, making your smoking experience and our production process even more guilt-free! Both the hemp wraps and the filters are biodegradable, and the pouch and straws recyclable as well!

At Wild Hemp, we know that everyone has their preferences, which is why we provide six naturally derived flavors that are equally delicious and cater to a wide range of palates. Our flavors range from organic to sugary to tangy and include Natural, Sweetz, Purpz, Island Twist, Tropical Buzz, and Limeade. There really is a Wild Hemp flavor that is sure to appeal to everyone!

Additionally, our hemp wraps are made to help you roll your hemp wrap blunt successfully by being super user-friendly. Wild Hemp’s wraps have a signature waved pattern cut into its edge, designed to provide the easiest rolling experience. Moreover, we pride ourselves on having durable hemp wraps as well, so you also can avoid the stress of tears and rips in your hemp wrap blunts. We truly are on your team in providing a painless journey to a gratifying smoke.




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