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CBD Tinctures - All you need to know

A full and comprehensive guide to CBD tinctures including a breakdown of the benefits and a product guide

  1. What is a CBD Tincture?
  2. How do I use a it?
  3. What benefits are there from taking these Tinctures?
  4. How to buy quality Cannabidiol Tinctures?
  5. The Wild Hemp CBD Tincture collection
  6. The Wild Hemp Tincture collection with Copaiba
  7. Conclusion

Cannabis-based therapy is becoming more prevalent than it has ever been and as we understand more about the medical benefits of cannabis derivatives, there has been an observable rise in CBD products available. Compounds exclusive to the cannabis plant, like cannabidiol (CBD) have become the focus of medical research and the results are showing its capabilities in helping with a whole host of conditions.

CBD Tinctures

In the wealth of articles currently on the internet, you will have seen ‘CBD tinctures’ referenced multiple times. But what are these tinctures? How do you consume them? And, what can they do for you?

What is a CBD Tincture?

CBD is available in a plethora of different forms, from different strains of raw, smokeable buds to pure and powdered cannabis isolate. The most popular way of enjoying CBD has been administering it in tincture form.

A tincture is typically the extract of a plant material that is suspended in an alcoholic solution, but in terms of CBD it references the suspension of CBD in any solvent that can then be administered sublingually (under the tongue). CBD is typically suspended in oil (e.g. coconut, olive, hemp and glycerine).

The extraction process allows for the CBD to be preserved in whatever medium it is dissolved in and allows for an easy and effective administration method that doesn’t involve combusting the product to produce harmful smoke like you get when you burn cannabis flower.

Wild Hemp CBD Tinctures

How do I take a Cannabidiol Tincture?

CBD tinctures are available in a variety of different strengths and sizes, but generally they are concentrated and are to be taken in very small doses, with most people using a small pipette or dropper. Even though you can’t overdose from CBD, big doses are unnecessary for most therapeutic uses and are a waste of product.

These tinctures are generally taken by placing a dropper with the advised dose under the tongue, allowing for it to absorb into the bloodstream by the vessels that sit close to the surface. However, some patients advise that they don’t like the bitterness or the earthy taste of CBD, so may add their tincture to their food or drink.

Consuming a cannabidiol tincture sublingually is advised over adding it to food because a greater concentration of the CBD will enter the bloodstream and the effects begin to take place more quickly, providing relief after approximately 15 minutes as opposed to an hour.

How to take CBD Tinctures

What benefits are there from taking these tinctures?

CBD has been investigated by researchers all around the world for it potential therapeutic benefits.  These tinctures have become the most popular way that people administer CBD products, because they hold a variety of benefits:-

  • They are concentrated;
  • Extremely versatile and easy to administer;
  • Provides quick relief;
  • They have a high bioavailability.

They are concentrated
Cannabidiol tinctures come in a variety of different sizes and concentrations, but generally a single bottle of these will contain more CBD than vaping cartridges, sweets and capsules. This higher concentration makes Cannabidiol tinctures much more potent than other methods of administration.

Extremely versatile and easy to administer
Unscrew the bottle lid, put some oil into the pipette dropper, squirt under your tongue and leave to absorb for several minutes. It doesn’t get much easier than that. Cannabidiol tinctures can also be rubbed directly onto the skin to provide topical relief from skin conditions such as acne and psoriasis, as well as being added to food.

Provides quick relief
The effects of consuming a CBD tincture are seen approximately 15 minutes, meaning that they provide quick relief when needed.

High bioavailability
Bioavailability is the amount of CBD which enters your bloodstream. A cannabidiol tincture, along with vaping or smoking CBD products has the highest bioavailability of around 90% when taken sublingually. Much higher than other methods of consumption such as edibles which ranges between 5-20%.

How to buy quality cannabidiol tinctures

The CBD industry is relatively new and regulations are only just being enforced. A consequence of this has been that the industry has met some issues with product regulation and consumers are advised to take extra care and attention. Vigilance is always necessary when purchasing products and there are some steps you can take to ensure the CBD product you are buying is legitimate.

The label of a cannabidiol tincture should be checked for its ingredients. Artificial flavourings and preservatives should be avoided and you should check for a Certificate of Analysis, or COA. These lab results will advise of cannabinoid concentration (the amount of CBD and THC) and whether there are any unwanted chemicals, such as solvents or heavy-metals in the product, which should be avoided.

The Wild Hemp Tincture range

The product range at Wild Hemp is vast and varied and contains products to suit the specific requirements of most people looking to buy these cannabidiol tincture. Aside from the fact that they are non-GMO and suitable for vegan and gluten-free diets, the tinctures at Wild Hemp stand out because they contain: -

  • A variety of strengths;
  • Water or oil soluble products;
  • Lab results provided with every product;
  • A range of cannabidiol tinctures with Copaiba.

A variety of strengths
The Wild Hemp CBD tincture range contains products that contain between 150 and 1500 mg of CBD. This range of strengths means that there is a CBD concentration which suits your specific needs.

Water or oil soluble products
Most CBD product ranges just contain oil soluble CBD. Taking advantage of nano-emulsification technology, the Wild Hemp cannabidiol tincture range also contains water soluble products.

Wild Hemp Water Soluble Tinctures

Lab results provided with every product
Every product in the Wild Hemp CBD product range contains a third-party lab test which has been completed to ensure product safety and potency.

A range of cannabidiol tinctures with Copaiba
There are Cannabidiol tinctures in Wild Hemp’s products that also contain the rare Brazilian extract, Copaiba, which is high in beta-caryophyllene (BCP). Also found as a terpene in cannabis, BCP works synergistically with CBD to provide a whole host of medical benefits.

Wild Hemp Tincture and Water Soluble Tincture


The popularity of CBD tinctures is soaring and they have easily become the most prevalent way of consuming the cannabis extract. This is mostly due to their versatility, ease of administration and high bioavailability when compared to other methods of administration. If it wasn't for our amazing range of CBD cigarettes then our tinctures would definitely be our top selling products.

Vigilance is important when purchasing new CBD products. So, at Wild Hemp we have been as transparent as possible with our product range, in order to provide our customers with an easy and informative experience.



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