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Should You Be Using More Than One CBD Product Daily?

A lot of people who discover the success that they can have when taking CBD wonder whether or not it is a good idea to try adding another CBD-based product into their daily routine.  If one product is so capable of addressing certain needs, the rationale is that perhaps a second product can make one’s regimen even more effective.

We will discuss whether or not it is ultimately advisable, reasons for considering it, and how to take certain things into account to have the best results possible.

Why You Might Want to Add a Second CBD Product to Your Routine

This info here could help you figure out if adding another product is actually right for you, and capable of maximizing the potential that the hemp plant has to offer.

#1: To Prolong the Feeling of CBD in the System

So many of us love how cannabidiol feels in the body and want that feeling to never end. Taking multiple products in a day can provide that.  At most, a CBD product can last for 8 hours in the system, and that’s when it’s taken in edible form. Taking more than one product lets us enjoy a more continuous type of hemp experience that can last from morning to evening.

#2: To Try Out Different Products

Sometimes we want to try out different CBD products, so we take more than one in a day to compare how each one feels.  This can help us figure out which products truly work for us in terms of our goals, and which aren’t worth repurchasing.

#3: To Maximize the Potency Potential of CBD

Taking two products at once can give us a stronger sensation of CBD in the body, and there are plenty of people who desire more potency. 

  • Maybe they find that due to a specific situation with their body, they need more cannabinoids in the system to feel relief.
  • Maybe they are someone who has a higher tolerance to cannabinoids due to their body weight or concentration of cannabinoid receptors, and so taking two doses gives them the results that they’re looking for.

#4: To Accomplish Different Goals

For instance, internally based products like tinctures and edibles are great for mood and internal issues, while topicals are great for addressing localized areas of the body that are troublesome.  In fact, some formulas are even enhanced with ingredients to help take the edge off at night, while others are more appropriate for daytime use.

Is it Safe to Take More Than One CBD Product in a Day?

The good news is that there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to take more than one cannabidiol product in a day.  CBD is nontoxic to the body, and two doses in one day are generally find.  Cannabidiol is still a gentle and mild compound, as is the hemp plant as a whole, and so taking two products has not been associated with any real negative effects.

What About Taking Two CBD Products at Once?

So, what about taking two CBD products at the same time?  This is also fine.  Many people take high doses or strengths of a particular product, so taking two products at once is really not any different.  It is not like different delivery methods can result in a negative interaction, because they contain the same chemical compounds of the hemp plant.

What Should a Person Consider When Introducing a Second Product into Their Routine?

While it is generally fine to double up on your hemp, there are some things to consider beforehand that can determine how you maintain a new routine with twice as much CBD.

Your Doctor’s Advice

First, you should always ask your doctor before taking more CBD than you are already taking. This is especially true if you’re using CBD for a specific ailment, or if you are taking a medication. Cannabidiol and other hemp compounds may suppress CYP3A4, a metabolite that breaks down certain medications. Therefore, increasing your CBD dosage has the potential to disrupt your body’s ability to metabolize certain drugs, and only your doctor can offer further information in a personalized way.


The amount of each product you take will naturally have a lot to do with how you feel. Taking half a dose of two different CBD tinctures is really not that different from taking a standard dose of one if they have the same milligram strength. Taking a double-dose of each product will be like taking four doses of CBD in one day.


Like dosage, strength matters in terms of how potently you feel the effects of taking more than one cannabidiol product. The milligram strength of each product should be considered thoughtfully. When first introducing a new product into your routine, opt for a standard dose or lower in the beginning to see how your body reacts to taking more CBD.


When you take each CBD product also impacts how you’ll feel.  For instance, taking a single gummy in the morning and 1-2 drops of a tincture at night means you will not feel the two products in the body at the same time.  Taking these products together at once means that there will be a couple of hours during which both of these products are peaking in the system, doubling the potency level of which you can feel the cannabidiol.

Your Experience with Hemp

If you have never taken CBD before, we do not recommend starting out with two different products unless you have been advised to do so by a medical professional. This is because it is important to see how just one standard dose of CBD makes you feel. Some people may feel a bit groggy when they are just starting to introduce cannabinoids into their body and taking two doses could increase this sensation considerably. 

Also, you may not need two products to reach your goals with hemp, and therefore adding another product unnecessarily could just result in you wasting your money.

Personal Preference is Really What It Comes Down To

If you’ve been taking hemp for a while, you may want to consider adding another product into your routine, because it can possibly help you reach your CBD goals on a whole new level. There are so many CBD products to choose from nowadays that it is easy to find a second product that can really zero in on the specific goals that you have.



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