Wild Hemp Luna CBD Vapes: Four New Delicious Flavors!

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Luna CBD Vapes – Now in Four New Flavors!

New Wild Hemp CBD Vape Flavors: Gelato Ice, Sour Diesel Ice, Grape Ape and OGK

Are you ready for some flavor? 

Our Luna vapes are convenient, discreet, and now available in four great new tastes. Every flavor is derived from terpenes, so every hit is full of lots for you to savor and lots of CBD, without any of that weird artificial stuff. One of these four new vapes is sure to fit your personality!

The Four New Luna CBD Vape Flavors

Our delicious new Grape Ape vape has its flavor right there in the name. It will leave a juicy grape taste behind with every hit. It’s sweet but not too sugary, and just as fun as the name.

If you’re craving dessert, we’ve got the next best thing. Gelato Ice is fruity and sweet with a cold burst at the finish. Each puff will dispense your perfect dose of chill.

If you want the chill flavor without the sweet, then Sour Diesel Ice is your treat! The citrusy, piney, icy taste will leave your mouth feeling refreshed long after you’ve taken your last hit.

And if you're rockin' it old school, OGK has that traditional cannabis flavor you'll love with absolutely nothing added. Get all of the taste and all of the CBD with an absolute minimum of THC.

Our Hemp-Derived CBD is Lab Tested for Quality

The CBD in our Luna Vapes is derived from 100% American-grown hemp, just like every other Wild Hemp product. Every vape has 500mg of CBD that has been lab tested by a third party to ensure it is of the highest quality, so you can be sure that every puff is pure. All vapes contain less than 0.3% THC and absolutely no nicotine or tobacco.



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