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How to Roll the Perfect Hemp Wrap Blunt

At Wild Hemp, we don’t just want to deliver the finest means for incorporating CBD into your daily routine, with high-quality, lab-tested and carefully sourced hemp. We also strive to make your smoking routine as simple as possible by designing user-friendly products that can have even beginners roll like OG cannabis experts.

Our Hemp Wraps are the perfect products for easy comfortable rolling. We designed these hemp wraps to feel soft and comfortable on the outside, while the inside has more grip to hold your legal smokable substance of choice. Moreover, our hemp wraps are specially cut with a signature waved edge that helps tie the wrap together at the end in a super easy and reliable fashion. To make rolling these even easier, our hemp wraps arrive rolled around a clear straw, which you can use to help pack and roll your hemp blunt wrap. But, still, there is always a risk of over packing or under packing your wraps, especially if completely new to the process.

What Happens When You Over Pack a Hemp Wrap?

Over packing a hemp wrap can lead to all kinds of unwanted issues. For starters, if you put too much hemp flower in your wrap, then there is a risk that the wrap will tear while you actually try to roll it up because you’ll be forcing the wrap to stretch beyond its capabilities. Tears can lead to smoke filtering out and even the complete destruction of your hemp wrap cigar. 

Even if it does not tear at all, a wrap that’s too tightly packed will have no airflow running through it, which can make your draws so tight that you barely get any smoke.  You can tell that your wrap is over packing if it feels solid when you tap it. 

What Happens When You Under Pack a Hemp Wrap?

Under packing a wrap can be just as detrimental to your smoke as over packing it. With too much airflow, you’ll barely get any smoke because a lot of it leaves the other end. Also, the flower inside will be so loose that it can fall out and make a mess. Under packing will also cause the paper to burn faster than the flower, which means that the entire roll can burn in just a couple of minutes before you got a chance to enjoy it. This may make you feel pressured to take hits too quickly in order to keep up.

A sign that your wrap is under packing is if it takes on a shapeless quality after you’re done rolling it, or if the roll ends up being extremely thin. You may notice flower is not really staying inside the wrap, and that as soon as you light it, the paper starts burning rather than the flower that’s inside.

How to Roll a Hemp Wrap for a Smooth and Satisfying Smoke

Now that you know what can happen if you use too much or too little flower in your wrap, let’s talk about the proper “packing” methods so that you can get the hang of things early on in your rolling hobby.

All good wraps start with a good grind. It's the fundamentals. You can’t just insert whole hemp flower buds into your wrap and call it a day, because this will create an uneven smoking experience and the herbs just won’t burn evenly. Besides that, it is difficult and annoying to get a hemp wrap around large, bulky buds.

  1. First, grind your hemp flower or legal herbal blend to your desired level of coarseness. It’s best to use a grinder for this to ensure an even grind for consistent burning. Too fine of a grind and all the flower will come out, or burn too quickly. Therefore, keep it a little coarse.
  2. Next, place the included filter into the top of the wrap and turn it upside down. Now, you can begin stuffing the wrap with your ground up hemp flower. The goal is to fill the wrap without packing it tightly, because this will result in virtually zero airflow. You want the flower to fill out the wrap so that it holds its shape, but you don’t want a wrap that feels hard, dense and solid.

Keep in mind that this can take a few tries. And, that’s okay. It is hard to be perfect the first time, but with practice, you’ll develop an innate sense when it comes to this process, and it will become second nature in no time.

Wild Hemp Wraps are Designed to Make Rolling an Easy Process

However, this does not mean that there is zero room for error. Avoid over packing and under packing your hemp wraps for a smooth and slow smoke, by being mindful of how much flower you’re actually putting into the wrap. You will know that you have pulled it off when each hit delivers the perfect amount of smoke that is pulled in easily, and when the wrap burns gradually and evenly.



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