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Does Smoking CBD Make Your Eyes Red?

Are you unsure about taking CBD because of the effects it may have? Do you wonder if CBD makes your eyes red? It is an easy assumption to believe that CBD makes your eyes red because it is derived from the same plant as THC. Although there are similarities between CBD and THC they do not carry many similar side effects, including making your eyes red. CBD does not make your eyes red because of the difference in the makeup of the substance.

How Smoking CBD affects your eyes?

CBD is known for providing a wide variety of benefits, which is a result of CBD’s relation to the endocannabinoid system. In the endocannabinoid system, CBD does not bind to any certain vessel, unlike THC. CBD influences various receptor-independent pathways to form positive effects. The endocannabinoid system provides regulation in the body in a healthy way. The endocannabinoid system should provide mental and physical relaxation without the typical “high” feeling THC provides. Since CBD does not alter your physical state, there is no enlargement of blood vessels.

That is why CBD does not make your eyes red. 

Why Does THC make eyes red?

THC can result in a more physical reaction because of the effects of the plant. THC binds to endocannabinoid receptors, creating a physical effect on the body. When using THC, your eyes can get red because blood pressure goes down and blood vessels dilate. When that happens, it increases the flow of blood to your eyes, resulting in red eyes.

Are red eyes harmful to your health?

Red eyes may cause irritation or slight pain, but it will not impact your health negatively. However, if your eyes begin to trouble you and do not improve, visit your doctor to figure out the causation.

How to get rid of red eyes

  1. Eye Drops- If you have red eyes, eyedrops provide almost immediate relief of irritation and redness.

  2. Staying Hydrated- When you stay hydrated, your eyes won’t be as dry, decreasing discomfort that may result in red eyes.



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