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CBD Gummies: The Ultimate Guide (2022)

As any experienced hemp user will tell you, CBD comes in all kinds of unique delivery methods and formulas, and while variety is a good thing, allowing us to really finetune our hemp routines according to our needs, it can also be intimidating if we’re still fairly new to the CBD game.

Gummies are enormously popular, and a good chunk of people who use hemp daily choose to do so in gummy form.  You’re going to find out why this product is popular, and what you need to know about using them for the best CBD experience possible.

What are CBD Gummies?

CBD gummies are gelatin or pectin based treats that contain cannabidiol. They belong to a category called edibles, which simply means cannabis that you can eat. CBD gummies allow us to ingest the compounds of the hemp plant, offering a distinctive type of hemp experience in which the effects can last for up to 8 hours, while being more subtle than the effects we feel when we vape cannabidiol. It can take around 90 minutes before those effects are felt, but the long-lasting nature of this delivery method is simply worth the wait.

Why are CBD Gummies So Popular?

It’s easy to see why CBD gummies are such a popular choice. For one thing, they appeal to the community of hemp enthusiasts who don’t wish to inhale vapor or smoke into their bodies. They also offer a delicious way to experience the effects of this popular cannabinoid – after all, who doesn’t love fruity gummy candies?  It’s also easy to understand why the long-lasting effects of this delivery method would appeal to so many people. A lot of us who take cannabis daily do so because we have specific goals in mind and are seeking out some form of relief. With effects for up to 8 hours, we can use gummies to feel the desired effects for a large portion of the day.

How Can CBD Gummies be Taken?

CBD gummies are also very easy to consume, making them super beginner-friendly. Each gummy contains the same number of milligrams of hemp extract and CBD, making dosing a simple process. Virtually all companies that make gummies put the standard daily amount of CBD in each piece, so that you only need one gummy, and your day’s needs are set. We do recommend that beginners take a gummy in the evening in case the effects of cannabidiol make them tired due to a low tolerance that comes with inexperience.

Can CBD Gummies be Taken with Other CBD Products?

CBD gummies can certainly be taken with other hemp-based products. If you already take cannabidiol in some other form, like a vaping product or a tincture, that doesn’t mean that you can’t add gummies to your routine. We do suggest that beginners wait a couple of weeks before introducing a second form of hemp into their regimens. Moreover, if you do add gummies to an existing routine, make sure you start with the lowest dose of gummies possible just to see how it feels taking two products in one day.

Different Types of Gummy Products

CBD gummies come in all kinds of formulas with many varying factors that ultimately determine how successfully they can satisfy you.

#1: Flavor

Flavor is important, because if the gummies don’t taste good, you may not want to take them at all, causing you to miss out on the properties of the hemp plant altogether. Choose a flavor option that appeals to your taste buds, and check to see if the flavors are naturally or synthetically derived, as the majority of hemp users find that natural flavors are more enjoyable as they are less likely to be cloyingly sweet or leave an artificial aftertaste.

#2: Formula

Read the ingredients carefully to make sure that you know exactly what’s in a gummy formula. Avoid chemical ingredients that don’t actually benefit you in any way, and check to see if there are any ingredients that you’re intolerant to, such as coconut or gluten. If you are a vegan, pay extra attention, because many gummies are made with gelatin, an animal derivative. Luckily for vegans, more and more companies offer vegan options that use fruit-derived pectin instead of gelatin.

#3: Strength

Gummies come in many different milligram strengths, reflecting how potent each gummy is according to how many milligrams of hemp extract it contains. The typical daily milligram strength for gummies is 10 to 25 milligrams, and most gummies contain somewhere within this range per piece. But, you can find higher and lower strength options if that’s what you’re looking for. Beginners should always start with 10 to 25 milligrams per day to get used to the effects of CBD.

#4: Hemp Extract

Gummies can contain one of three types of hemp extracts. Each is valuable in its own way, so the choice is up to you.

  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract: Consists of every naturally occurring compound in hemp, meaning that you’ll find CBD and every other cannabinoid, plus terpenes and phytonutrients. Full spectrum hemp creates the entourage effect which allows for maximum synergistic value between each compound, for potentially more effective results. Full spectrum hemp does contain a trace amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) that’s found in hemp, which is both legal and incapable of getting you high.
  • Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract: A THC-free alternative to full spectrum hemp, containing every compound in the plant except for THC.
  • CBD Isolate: Consists of pure cannabidiol without any other compounds in the plant material. Because CBD isolate does not contain terpenes, you won’t taste the flavor of the hemp plant in CBD isolate gummies, because terpenes are the compounds responsible for the plant’s distinctive flavor and aroma profiles.

CBD Gummies: Introduce Your Body to the Hemp Plants Effects in a Subtle but Long-Lasting Way

With so many gummy formulas to choose from on the market, it’s crucial that you really take your time to read through different descriptions before settling on the formula that’s the most likely to suit the goals that you have in mind. 

Quick Recap: Always check the milligram strength, ingredients, and type of hemp extract used to make sure you end up with a personalized regimen according to your needs.



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