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Best way to quit cigarettes in 2022!

Is your New Year's resolution to stop smoking tobacco products? Wild Hemp Hempettes® might just be the perfect alternative to traditional cigarettes! Hempettes® can provide an enjoyable smoking experience without any of the nicotine and toxic products found in cigarettes.


What is a Hempette®?

Hempettes® are cigarette-esque pre-rolls made of high levels of natural CBD and less than 0.3% THC content. Most importantly, CBD flower contains no tobacco or nicotine products and is legally sourced from Colorado and Oregon. Wild Hemp Hempettes® are also the first no nicotine CBD cigs to ever hit the market! Since 2019, Hempettes® have grown tremendously in popularity worldwide. These notable steps toward the innovation and progression of cannabis made great strides after the Farm Bill of 2018 authorized production of hemp. For centuries, studies have shown the harsh effects that tobacco cigarettes have on the human body. But Wild Hemp Hempettes® are substantially different from traditional cigarettes because of the natural CBD content in each Hempette®. Not only do they provide the natural remedies that CBD provides but they also give the goodness of a smoking experience without the high that comes with THC.


Why Hempettes®?

Wild Hemp Hempettes® provides an attractive and enjoyable smoking experience for any type of person! Whether you are an OG smoker, new smoker, or a social smoker Hempettes® provide a fascinating smoking experience without the addictive nicotine component. Not only are Hempettes® made without intoxicating or unnatural chemicals, but they still provide the aesthetically pleasing cigarette style pre-roll. CBD products have continued to skyrocket through the wellness community, and for good reason. CBD hemp flower helps ease anxieties, aids in sleep and even pain relief without the harshness of cigarettes


Where can I buy Hempettes®?

When purchasing CBD products, it is important to buy products that are transparent about what goes inside their hemp cigarettes. You should always search for brands that provide COAs (Certificate of Authenticity) that you can read prior to purchasing. Wild Hemp is a brand that provides COA’s for every product! Hempettes® can be purchased directly through our site along with other beneficial products.



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