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What makes Hempettes® the best CBD cigs for the summer

About The Hempette®

Our Hempettes® have had a meteoric rise in popularity since 2018, being the first no nicotine CBD cigs in the world! We truly are the OG granddaddy’s of smokable hemp. Based in Dallas, we are continuing our focus on innovation, while also promoting cannabis rights in Texas. Along with our CBD cigs, Wild Hemp has also developed the one of the firsts hemp blunt wraps, CBD cigarillos, and CBD vapes.


Menthol CBD Cigs next to a refreshing cup of ice water and a blue lighter.

What makes Hempettes® the best CBD cigs for the summer?

The Wild Hemp Hempettes® are the best CBD cigs for the summer because of its tropical and refreshing flavors and its laid-back effect.

Our CBD cigs are rolled in hemp paper, have 75+mg of CBD per stick (making it 1500+mg in a 20 Hempette® pack), and come in four terpene-based flavors. Their pineapple blaze or sweet flavors give the perfect smoke to relax with on the beach, but if you are just sick of the summer heat, there is no better feeling than cooling off with a refreshing menthol Hempette®. However, you can never go wrong with their classic original Hempette®. Its flavor profile closely resembles OG Kush, which makes sense since it’s a living piece of cannabis history.

            These seem like one of the best ways for cigarette smokers to continue their enjoyment of cigarettes without having to consume tobacco or nicotine. Plus, for cannabis smokers who need some CBD to come down from an intense smoke sesh. We recommend anyone who is interested in CBD cigs to check our Wild Hemp’s Hempettes® collection by clicking this link here: CBD Cigs.



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